Server: SkyLands


Also, I’ve found one of the admins that is not trustworthy. It’s Ingeniare. We were talking on SkyLands, and he mentioned that he was loyal so that if I was against one of his friends he would go to their side. Then, to test him, I asked him if he would still be on their side even if they were wrong. He then said yes, proving that he is not trustworthy. To be a mod/admin, do you not always have to be on the right side?

@bilingual Heh, what did ya say? Did you just show it to one person and delete it so I couldn’t see it? Suspicious… Or was it for something else? (Looks like you AND your friends aren’t trustworthy…).



In a situation such as this one where the definition of “wrong” varies from person to person, yes, I will take the side of the one I feel is more trustworthy - in this case, Porky. In the event of an admin or a mod (friend or not) doing something for no justified reason that can be defined as strictly against the rules or unethical, I will obviously defend the side that upholds my values.

As for how trustworthy I am, that also varies from person to person. You can’t simply mark somebody as trustworthy based on one experience. I believe that trust comes from an indefinite amount of time passing with a proven consistency in dependability. While you may think I’m untrustworthy due to that one answer, I’d like to think that others in this community have known me long enough to trust me.

I am done arguing with you now. I like to think that certain events in my life have changed me in the past year, so I’d rather not let this revert my mindset back to the way it was before.


Good. However the problem is that I never asked you about Chop, I asked you about any person that was your friend.


Pizza, given your high standards for admins and mods, which are worthy even if hard for most to achieve as we are all human and make mistakes, I think you would agree with me if I said an admin should also want to speak truth to the players they are overseeing, and point out where a rule was infringed upon, even if slightly, to help that player have a more positive experience. If they correct their mistake, they won’t upset as many other players as they could have, and be in good standing with the admins/mods/owner, and it is a win-win situation for all.

Having said that, we have a standard and a rule on the forums that we try to uphold, both by example, and by correcting others. You could have given your example of trustworthy and untrustworthy admins exactly as you did with all your views and beliefs, but without naming Ingenaire. The rule that this infringes upon is “Naming and Shaming.” We avoid that and try to approach concerns and problems by discussing disagreements, problems, ideas, or perspectives separate of actual player names or any identifiable information about other players. This is supposed to be the forums way of treating each player with respect and dignity, and keep forumers from taking things to a personal level. Most differences are over events and actions, even words, which are separate from each of us as a person. No one deserves public humiliation just because you don’t like them, or what they said. The forums and the servers are not the whole picture that makes up a person and their character or worth. If you use only events from this game and it’s forums, you will come to the wrong conclusions and judgements about other people every single time. Golden rule, treat others how you would want them to treat you if the exact same circumstances were reversed.

I hope that helps you and others understand why such a rule exists.

P.S. proof of Ingeniare’s good character is seen in the fact that he had the class to respond to you at all, and did so using a respectful tone, unlike others who would have come out with gloves on…if they replied at all.


OK, I will not do that in the future. I already thought that it existed but wasn’t sure. Also, I was not the first one to disrespect the Golden Rule. I do not think he has a good character based on what he said to me in the game, he was very different.


That’s great that you will avoid doing that again. Thank you! :+1::blush:

And no you aren’t the first to break the rule, but there needs to be a zero tolerance approach with it. Just because others have broken it is no reason to be comfortable breaking it yourself.

I wish you would have ended your reply after saying OK and you wouldn’t do it in future. Just that on its own is kind, nice, mature, and positive. But you didnt so I have to say more.

I’m sorry you feel as you do about Ing. While I cannot share your views given that I have larger chunks of his picture than you do, I understand how it’s possible to see someone differently than others do, and you have to follow your gut. However, you don’t have to, and shouldn’t, follow your gut to the forums to share what you think about others as people and their character. It is not your job to get others to change their perspective to match yours when it deals with an actual person. Do that for building support for an idea you want Dave to add to the game, or for an improved process. Let life, God, or karma take care of the rest.

Thanks again for hearing my correction. I know you have what it takes to take the higher ground from now on. :+1:


OK. I’ll end my sentence there this time xD. :slight_smile: Also, that isn’t what I meant by being the first one…


It isn’t necessary to be discourteous and insulting to tell the truth. Please read the forums guidelines in the About Meta thread.


walks away from the discussion, quietly

May I join? Sounds like a cool server!


I would love it. However, I got banned, but we are still working it out. Ask me if ya need any help.


We are still waiting for @Milla to kick it out of its stuck state.



That’s sad…When it’s done I would love to join. Until then…

gets glasses, and reads the entire series of Harry Potter


It’s back up now. Come one, come all. Raid the bases, explore the caverns, ride the Mario Kart handcar park.


What’s the link, @jemnidad?




You should meet my sister. She’s read every single book in that series 17 times each… give or take a few :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ve met your sister. :smiley:

OK anyone and everyone!! Possible server revival here.

I have added a week of credit to this ancient server which was my 2nd server to own, created back in 2014 from a copy of City of Stars by @RedEagle

it has a corruption issue during 1.6 and would not load, but Dave managed to fix that with 1.7 and players can join again. Yay! I had a little journey back in time with one of the original players @Bbq last night and I’m thinking about reopening it.

First off, who would enjoy playing on another OLD server of mine?

  • Yes I would play for the nostalgia
  • No, history bores me

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I mean, this server is so old that the skies are relatively unexplored. and 90% of the buildings are made of steel for protection before golden signs. Which brings me to my idea. I think what I might do is see if this can get active as a whitelisted server, or maybe a private server and really limit the use of ownership signs. I know spawn is protected and the prized Mario Kart handcar park, but I would like to leave it at that.

So if you want on the whitelist, just let me know here or on Skylands Discord:
I will be copying over my Arena staff lists so that anyone on there will automatically have access.

New name is: Skylands Origin, owner is Jemni.


I have given a week’s worth of credit to this old world. Considering giving it or Skylands Origins a chance to be revived.

Naming explanation. The world I credited is in fact named Skylands. Skylands Origins is a twin of this and had the corruption issue I spoke of previously. The key differences are that Skylands has a completed handcar park underneath spawn. Skylands Origins has a partially finished bottom section, but it has more buildings in other areas. One used to be a public server and the other was whitelisted. You had to earn your way onto the whitelist by being trustworthy on the public version.

Similar to how I revived Rabbithole, griefing for “parts” is allowed. Bases can be claimed, renovated, or removed. The stuff I care about is protected (I think).


ill join it


Scavenger hunt at my shop! My shop is under spawn a little < but within 10 tc my shop isn’t fully finished but it’s where it will be for now until I move all my benches and beds and get more bhs then it will be a bigger shop but it has cool stuff plus a scavenger hunt 6 winners please don’t buy more then one if you win or it will steal from others