Server: SkyLands


PM 09Tunafish65


I don’t see a user named that here. Is this you? I saw that name on the server just now.



I was making sure that it was the right server.


New rules for new players

  1. Daily Skybucks are awarded for logging in, and rewarded for Quests (Coming soon)
  2. Starter kits are for sale for 2 Skybucks
  3. Claim any unprotected base, not on the surface, by placing a sign with the name and date. When an admin is available request your first free protection sign.
  4. Contents of your base can be claimed with the help of an admin for the following prices:
  • All benches granted for 5 Skybucks
  • Any non-empty safe for 2 Skybucks each
  1. Additional protection signs (31x31) cost 5 Skybucks per sign.

A month has been added to the credit since things seem to be taking off here. Current staff members @Hippie_Princess, @agentpinkdog and @StormRhyder have helped renovate spawn, making it much more inviting.


I am going to use skylands maybe as a place to make stuff

I am going to claim a base of my choosing and start mining for materials rather then portal chesting it through


OK. There are some cities with full workshops and power available if you need them. The biggest one is Solaris, to the right of spawn and in the sky above the mountain past the first ocean. Beneath it lies the cavern realm of Regalia which has mines. But they are likely all tapped out.

If you want fresh mines, the far side of the world never got much traffic. Or at least it certainly is less explored than the spawn side.


And antispawn has every nonelectrical bench I am working on the electrical ones but I am also selling stuff


What will be in the starters? Too much and it’s too easy. Too little and it’s only worth the safe. How is skybucks debited from player’s account?

I am making a hotel where the sky mall is. Rooms are free, but they must have the owner’s name and date. If the date (which is to/can be changed) is greater than 2 months old, the room is up for grabs. They will contain soft bed, safe, sign, metal shelf, and protection sign. They just need to remove/replace door after their protection sign is customized. I’m putting a full set of benches in the attic. Also adding some shops to the left, in the same building.





I have been working on and off all day on it not finished yet I am upgrading the benches and adding more to the shops I will probably expand it downward and maybe to the side because I wanna have it where people can make a tp or at least have supplies if they don’t have one there (what I wish every server had at checkpoints at least)

After it is done I will make checkpoints around the server once I have more bhs and they will have a small building and garden included because people get tired traveling so that’s my plan right now to keep me entertained and active :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Please verify for clarity that each protection sign mentioned is a standard 31x31. :nerd_face:


The starters are pretty simple. A set of clothes, 5 handcars, a safe with some basic blocks, tools and simple benches and 5 gold. Feel free to augment the starter coins for anyone. I hand out 5 plat each, pretty freely.


SkyLands now has QUESTS and levels for XP advancement.


What about a new rule no portal chest since people will not be allowed to use portal chest they will work on destroying old bases which will give them materials to sell and also some people just use supershops hidding


It’s a good idea. And we used to have that rule. But it’s so hard to enforce. And I have admins who regularly use them to move things back and forth between single player worlds.


U can just allow admins to use portal chests then


While a good idea in theory, it really cramps the playstyle of some players. I am not that picky about Skylands. I’m trying to keep the rules simple and be welcoming to a wide range of players in order to attract and retain the largest player base possible. If I start to narrow those rules, some players will find it too confining and not play.

It’s already surprising and puzzling how many players won’t even play without being given a free “starter”. Like, REALLY? Chopping branches from a tree, looking for dirt, and doing a bit of mining is too difficult for you? I think a lot of players clearly got the wrong impression of how to play this game from “Free Trade Portal” servers or something.

We also get demands for a free PC which we certainly think is over the top. Sheesh.
2/28/2019 6:52:00 PM – XION THE BOSS: Hi
2/28/2019 6:52:11 PM – STORM_RHYDER: Hi
2/28/2019 6:53:44 PM – XION THE BOSS: Can I have a portal chest?
2/28/2019 6:54:04 PM – STORM_RHYDER: We don’t hand them out. You can craft one when you have the supplies.
2/28/2019 6:54:37 PM – XION THE BOSS: Well the. I will never get one here bye

In which video game do you get the most powerful item in the game as a beginning player? Hmm, I might make that a trigger response. LOL


Trigger for “Can I have a portal Chest?” And variations. Oh yes please do! I get a sore throat from repeating myself. :joy:


The Solaris Speedway is finished and ready for racing. Map shown below. It runs the length of Solaris (and then some) and back again. It’s not a full loop, but it finishes near the start and if racing is successful and we need a loop, I could connect it.

The other note is that this is slightly above novice in difficulty. It’s not deadly, but if you aren’t careful, you will crash a lot, or end up in the slow lane. Slow lane you ask? Yes, through clever engineering and design there are multiple paths you can find yourself riding and some are faster than others. If you can discover the fastest path, and develop the skills to hit it every time, you will win the day!

I am starting a scoring season TODAY! It will be scored just like on Skylands Arena but I won’t go into that right now.

If you don’t know where Solaris is yet. You follow the rails of Skylands from spawn to the right, across the ocean. Just before it drops you down to the ground again, look for an elevator up to the entrance.


For a little nostalgia. This is what the area looked like when before I inherited the world map from @RedEagle. We’ve come a long way baby!


Oh my word! So many changes made. Puts Skylands in a whole new perspective, doesn’t it?