[Server] Square One

Woah! Best made a server! Yay!
(The name of the world is subject to change)

Welcome to Square One. Square One is a plain ol’ survival world. It is custom, so that nobody can use a trade portal, and nobody can have a portal chest.


  1. No begging
  2. No cussing
  3. No ‘dating’
  4. No hacking
  5. No duplicating
  6. No spamming
  7. Follow the building regulations
    -Nobody gets a protection sign, unless the area is for a public area like spawn, an arena, a garden, etc.
    -Limit 2 portals per person
  8. Please avoid breaking unprotected tracks
  9. Respect Others
  10. No burning trees at spawn
  11. Speak English
  12. No flooding spawn
  13. No cutting down gem trees unless you have permission.
    -Permission from a member of staff.
  14. No giving away good items.
    -Jet packs, unicorns, steel, titanium, etc.
  15. No blocking handcar paths or boat paths.
  16. Listen to staff or anybody with a higher rank than you.
  17. No politics

This is a ROP server.

Anybody who donates will get their name put in the welcome message, as well as a linked server if they wish. Doners do not recieve a position in staff just because they donated.

The welcome message has various google forms, for many things, including:
•Staff Application
•Ban Repeal
•Report a Player

The link to the discord server is also in the welcome message.

Here’s the link to the server, it’s currently public:



EDIT: looks fun
EDIT 2: Nobody is here…
EDIT 3: I might be in the wrong server
EDIT 4: I am in the wrong server

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What does ROP mean?

Eh ill go try it out

is anyone in the server? oh zeek is here

ROP = Revenge of the Players. It’s an anti-hacking alliance, I think.

Can’t find it

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Are your search options either for all of them? If not that might be why it isn’t appearing


I love this server! It’s a great survival world with both cooperation and battling.

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Lucky you!

Shouldn’t have said, “Time to replicate compost using wooden doors!”

Best adds the rule…

A hacker was banned for spawning items.

EDIT: May we replicate water or no?

You’re right.

No, please don’t replicate the water.

Tons of fun. :slight_smile:

I love this survival server.

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what do you mean?

You can duplicate water like this.

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@agentpinkdog @DGPG @nothingwhatsoever @GoodGradesBoy @Zeekiel @Brer-Rabbit I have added you all to the welcome message and linked all of your accounts to the forums. Let me know if your link or somebody else’s doesn’t work, or if you want another form of contact on the welcome message. (PM me about that then)

@PorkyTheChop I’m willing to let you have admin if you’re interested. Or whatever you’d like.


im pretty sure i got denied



Thanks. :smile:

It showed up suddenly…

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I’ll let the admins suffer through it. :sweat_smile:

Chest Results: 3 Rainbow Essence, 1 Amythist.

Best, may need that protection sign at my public place now…

Next to the cave troll...another treasure chest. ![IMG_2181|281x500](upload://f1TjFKQ9LTFJO6hRd6MrGAVT0k3.PNG)
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