Server Suggestion For NoodleCakes Studio


I just wanted to suggest something. Instead of charging people real money for servers, how about you let people watch adds for “server time”. Every add you may watch should allow you a minimum of 1 minute server time, or 20 minutes of server time. I also wanted to apologize. I ran a few servers until I used my small brain to realize that it must be hacked. I know this idea sounds crazy but I just wanted to let you know my idea!


It’s Majic Jungle Software’s choice to implement this, Noodlecake Studios just ports the updates. I personally like paid credit better, but this is creative. :slight_smile:


They noticed a post of mine.


but as Brer said, it’s not Noodlecake’s decision. It was Majic Dave and I’m sure he thought about the possibility of watching ads for time. Ads have their own issues because they aren’t universally available the same way to everyone. It uses a 3rd party ad provider so the control is out of Dave’s hands and some countries allow more ads than others.


In addition to Jemni’s points - I’m pretty sure you’d have to watch 1000 ads to pay for a week of server credit… that’s really not possible. (Mainly a guess - ad provides aren’t very forthcoming about how much devs get per ad view, but I saw $3/1000 views for videos in a couple different places)


Since the Tc and credit is not the only source of income you can use the advertisements for server time. I see where you’re going. That’s does sound like a good idea. Like the rest of them I believe this has low chances. Maybe start a petition.


Have a choice:

  • Keep credit the same
  • Don’t change credit

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Keep it the same!


I hope everyone realised that the poll only really has one option.


Yeah I know.


In fact, MajicDave said that the reason he changed the crediting method for servers is because anyone can watch advertisements and get time crystals, so there are lots of servers with low quality. He said that by forcing people to pay money, the low-quality servers will be eliminated and people can still have a good time up there.
Half a yes, since I started my own server and not a lot of people joined. But that one was “in progress”, so…yeah.


Could you provide a quote? From what I remembered and from the thread I linked below, it was not the availability of ads that caused the change. He still got revenue from ads, but got nothing from pirated TC. Combining the cost for the cloud with the dwindling revenue from the other options because of pirated TC caused the change.

Also, please don’t @ Dave unless it’s important.

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I was literally going to say that.