Server: Survival land (Opened)



Welcome to survival land


This server is a survival based server where there are no admins, portal chest and trade portals are allowed. U need to work on your own welath by crafting, exploring, mining and more!

How to get a protection sign?

To get a 17x17 sized protection sign u need to gather 3 gold ingots and a sign after u gather these since we don’t allow admin on the server u need to ask the owner in the server server or PM him on discord or forums!

  • No advertising!
  • Hacking and use of hacks stuff is strictly not allowed!
  • No impropriate pictures or names!
  • Duping is strictly not allowed!
  • Portal chest, trade portals and diamond portals are stricly not allowed!
  • Killing, grieving and stealing is allowed anytime anywhere even with our staffs!
  • Pausing and hiding in doors is allowed while PVP since some people don’t like to get killed every second!
  • Don’t use foul language!
  • Cussing and swearing is not allowed!
  • We don’t allow admins so if u want to ask anything in which an admin should involve feel free to PM owner on discord or forums!
  • No dating. This is not a dating site!
  • If u see someone braking rules immediately report the following person and take screenshots if u can for proof!
  • Rules and other things in the WM can be changed anytime read it out daily!
    Server link:




We are going to send the links and may update the first post after we are open

Server idea please

The server first post is fully changed read it out again please


Server is opened


Thinking of calling me a home, Cerberus is going far away and will never come back to spawn so he can do things on his own. :slight_smile:


Everyone our server will be out of credit in a week if anybody can add credit please do so for free mod


Oh okay i am DONE!


I asked milla to transfer ownership to [redacted] She cheated she got ownership and destroyed my whole server she first banned me and then change the rules, admins and mods

I just want to warn everyone


So you are saying she destroyed your server?


Yeah what can be more worst then banning a owner


I would recommend contacting milla to see what she could do on your side. Remember to only give ownership to those you REALLY trust.


@BUILDITME1, a bit confused. If you transferred ownership, then she is the owner, correct?


Yeah, the problems solve anyways