Server: Survival Land


Hello everybody so i was thinking to revive one of my old server but i cant pay but if u would like to play on this server u can pay PM me if u would like to pay for the server


This server is a survival mode and 1/16 sized server its a challenging server a server where u need to collect money with fully protected (almost) so here we have shops and different benchs in secret area underground, on the ground or in the sky no one knows😈 so we jave everything u can craft in benchs since the server is fully protected (almost) we provide shops in the secret areas shop do contain ores and other things which cant be crafted so it can help u craft everything in the server u can get also we just have the only one trade portal lvl 2 u can start to earn money by finding the hidden trade portal and selling fruits then find the job shack to get your job after that u can start of finidng secret areas to gather up stuffs

*Dont share pictures or tell anybody about the server
*Killing is always allowed but dont do it on spawn
*No using of bad language and dating
*No teaming allowed

( I May Change The First Post Anytime


Asyc or milla please delte this thread


What’s wrong with it?


The server is getting back to credit so i am making a new thread for it with new rules and informations about server


Why don’t you just change the title and edit the info?


It’s fine. It doesn’t need to be replaced. I’ve edited the title.


I guess we will be doing a change to the server so can i make a new thread


If it’s the same server it will be merged in. Why this desire for a new thread?


Ive thinking of another theme just a little bit of similar then this

Edit: Ok the theme is way different


This is why threads and posts are editable. Sometimes change is wanted. If there’s something you wish to change in the thread but can’t let me know. I may be able to edit it.