Server to single player accident

I went on to my single player world and it changed its name and size. It was originally a 1/16 vanilla world, and now it is a 16x vanilla world. Is there anyway to fix this??

This is what it looks like now

This happened to me once but i dont remember how i resolved it, but it was pretty strange. I think i may have just got rid of the world altogether. There may be a solution though, i dont know much about it.

Rejoin the world with the IP and port and you should get a multiplayer one.

This is fixable with some manual world editing, no guide available unfortunately, it’s a relatively involved process.

  1. Backup your device to a computer.
  2. Extract the world - see this guide
  3. Extract worldv2 from the main database in the world_db directory for the world - you can use the lmdb-helper tool I built to do this. lmdb-helper -d main -e worldv2
  4. Convert it to XML format with plutil -convert xml1 worldv2
  5. Edit the file to change worldWidthMacro to 32 from 8192
  6. Change the file back to binary format with plutil -convert binary1 worldv2
  7. Re-insert the file into the main database, lmdb-helper -d main -i worldv2
  8. Delete the extracted worldv2 file
  9. Re-insert the world into your device backup
  10. Restore the backup to your device

… Yea… No simpler option unfortunately. If you’d like, I can do steps 3-8 for you if, after extracting the world, you send it to me.


Thanks guys. I might try your suggestions, but im not very tech-savvy so it will probably be to complex for me. :neutral_face: but thanks anyway

Sorry about your world…