Server to single player

I have a few servers that have shut down that I still want to play in but I am not allowed to pay money for them. My suggestion is that the owner would be able to choose an option to convert to single player after the server is out of credit. If necessary, it could be an only custom option to prevent destruction of buildings to collect resources to put in a portal chest but I dont know.


I think this would be a great idea!

This would be absolutely perfect!

How about this, it deletes the server. But it backs it up into your device for safe keeping.

What if it goes wrong and glitches and you don’t get the world? It just seems risky knowing Blockheads is honestly not the most stable game.

My worlds have many nostalgic buildings. I can cry all day.

There’s one way to do this but it is far from ideal and you have to do it before the world runs out of credit. (Unless you just pay for 1 day’s credit, but it doesn’t reliably work so you might be paying for nothing).

Here’s what you do:

  1. Create a new Single Player World with characteristics as close as possible to the Server that you want to convert to Single Player (but give it a different name - this is important)
  2. Exit the world and then join that server.
  3. Now here’s the part that doesn’t always work, has unreliable results, and may wind up hopelessly corrupting your SP world:

a) Join your Single Player World
b) Exit your SP, and then Join the Server World again.
c) Repeat these 2 steps a and b as rapidly as possible. Keep trying, even getting in a location with bad WiFi from time to time.

Try over and over again until your Single Player world opens up but gets automatically renamed to the same as your server world. Once this happens, shout “Eureka!” because you’re done. What has just happened is that the world data from the server world was copied onto your Single Player world, effectively converting your Server World to SP.

I must tell you however that this is highly unreliable, and unstable - is definitely not recommended by Milla or Majic Dave and results in a very flawed transcription of world data. However, for now it’s the best we’ve got and it may just be what you’re looking for.

If you are successful - please post your results here! I would like to know what it looks like and what parts of your server world did not copy correctly.

Note: This happened to me twice and I wasn’t trying to do it. I am anticipating that someone trying to do it on purpose should eventually be successful. Also, when it did happen - there was a huge wall of black fog which never, ever clears and is impassible - effectively making a one-way barrier. However, if your server world is large enough, this barrier might not be a problem or even be noticed unless you are trying to circumnavigate.


Unfortunately Dave says it isn’t likely.

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The least stable game.

At least for then

I think the same thing happened to me though it was unintentional. Last week there my SP factory world named Alpine Reef suddenly got a name change to UNIHORSE probably because of this glitch. I hadn’t particularly gone back and forth between the server UNIHORSE and my SP world but this seemed to happen anyways.

However, there doesn’t seem to be any part of the unihorse server on my own SP world and everything seems to be the way it always had been. I couldn’t find any barriers either but this isn’t a fully circumnavigated world.

So in the end all it did was change the name. :man_shrugging:

Rather than this what if we can get a copy of the cloud server to single player(only owner of the server can do it and the cloud server remains in the cloud and we get a SP copy in our device)

Interesting result! I suppose that the amount of server data that gets copied onto a Single Player world is extremely variable.

The same thing happened to me as you described, except in my case part of the server world got copied to SP and it was even playable. But the part that didn’t copy became a huge black wall.

I should imagine that the data copied would be fairly superficial, as some worlds get to immense sizes.

There could be a world size limit maybe?

@Skeeve The fact that this happened to you twice unintentionally sort of scares the hell out of me. LOL. You sound like an awfully good sport for this to have happened to two of your worlds.

For me, the huge wall of black would be a deal breaker, since the whole point would be to preserve the work I’ve done.

Looking forward to see if any courageous players are able to replicate this intentionally though.

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Can’t you just copy the server world file and paste it is a new world? Like in whatever app you’d use for that, you can copy the world files, right? I suppose you’re referring to an easier way to do it. But keep in mind there is a way to do it.

Oh it scares me too! Ever since that happened, I intentionally pause whenever switching between worlds. So far it hasn’t happened again.

I believe I’ve found a part of my glitched world that was copied from somewhere in Unihorse though I can’t be sure. I’m not sure where this location could match up to on the server but it’s pretty cool how I found it under a mountain though.

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Ah yes, I have seen this before too!
You can clearly see that some macroblocks were copied into your world while leaving other areas intact.

It should all still be playable, except solid black fog may never clear and be impassable.

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