Server: WESTEROS accepting applicants for whitelist

Westeros has been around for a while and is an old world server still with a fresh feel and lots to explore. We are looking for builders and crafters, not dupers and beggars.

Couple notes on rules. There are a number of rules on signs to read and follow. If you don’t like following rules then this is probably not the world for you. That said, there are lots of places to explore, and if you are responsible, then you may own a castle of your own. Griefing of any kind is not tolerated and if you didn’t build it, it’s not yours to take. We usually build with normal materials like stone and wood. You won’t find many steel structures here. We don’t dupe. It’s a crafter’s world.

If you think you fit the requirements, then send me PM with your nickname and a brief summary of what you would like to do in the world or what unique creation you have made in the past. Don’t worry newbies are accepted too.

Remember, don’t post your nickname here. Send it in a PM.


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Westeros still Exist?

No, it appears to have been offline for seven years. :wink:

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Westeros still exists under a different name.

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Well i’m gonna try to see to it that it gets back online. Was my first server I grew to love and become friends with many

Asyc got it. It’s currently merely dormant as Skylands Adventure. Many of the original builds are still intact, but I took over the area to the left of spawn for my adventure map.