Server World: Arctic Dawn | Custom Expert

:snowflake: Welcome to Arctic Dawn! :snowflake:

Arctic Dawn is a very mineral rich world, 4x in size, and is extremely cold! You will need to explore spawn, and the surrounding areas to find the resources needed to advance.

This expert server brings back some of the great perks of vanilla, such as teleportation and meditation just to spice things up a bit.

World Size: 4x
PvP: Enabled
Mode: Custom Expert
Status: Online 24/7 :green_circle:
Created: Tuesday, Aug 31, 2021

Custom Rules:
Oceans β€” Small Oceans
Temperature β€” Very Cold
Rainfall β€” Very Wet
Plants β€” More Plants
Trees β€” More Trees
Caves β€” More Caves
Sky Islands β€” More Sky Islands
Ore Quantity β€” More Ore
Ore Distribution β€” Large Veins
Gems β€” More Gems
Treasure β€” More Treasure
Happiness β€” Happier
Death Drops β€” All Items
Trade Portals β€” Jobs Only
Teleportation β€” Enabled
Meditation β€” Enabled


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Arctic Dawn is one of two servers hosted by Pine’s BlockHeads Realms. For more information, join our discord! We have a growing community of about 30 remaining enjoyable blockheads players, and we would love to meet you.



This topic is very neatly organized. I like what I am seeing so far! :slight_smile:

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