Server World: Corn Teen

Corn Teen, Owner: Pink

Build anywhere that is not protected. Inappropriate behavior won’t be tolerated. Survival, no “starter kits”.

  • Please do not place down shops with portal chests or diamond portals inside of them.
  • Destroying player builds is allowed, but frowned upon.
  • PvP is allowed. Pausing during PvP is allowed.
  • No PvP at the spawn portal. Disobeying may result in your name being put on the kick list. Players on the kick list will not be eligible for promotion to Mod or Admin. (Kick-list will only work while server bot is active)
  • Listen to the staff members. If a staff member is abusive, please report them using discord or an in-game report.
  • Hackers are allowed here, just do not abuse your hacks. Hackers that destroy items that cannot be destroyed by normal players will have their IPs and devices banned.
  • Try to build far away, i.e.: in the sky or under the ground. Houses on the ground generally will not be protected unless really far away from spawn. (Note: ground houses should have a wood door on the first floor so players don’t have to climb over it)
  • Do not impersonate or pretend to be a staff member.
  • Please try not to spam. Spamming may result in your name being put on the kick list.
  • Please post in the ban appeal discord chat if you feel that your ban was unjustified. There is a template, please copy and paste it, and fill it out.

Discord Server:


How long has the server been around?

I think its been around for a few months, I havent gotten on in a fair bit of time but I used to see it every so often

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I made it in April 2020 around the same time my state (NC, USA) had a quarantine. Was a play on the name lol Corn Teen “quarantine”. You can get ‘corn’ in game just by playing. It does nothing at this point though, just something fun.


I would assume they are


They probably have a different bh name then forums name like multiple others

Because they said “I made it”

I think I joined this server before

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I could not find it when I searched.

This name is AMAZING! I love it, made me smile :slight_smile:


I found the world, and played for awhile. It was great. However, throughout the day, two people came on, and broke the rules.

One of them attacked me in the no attack zone. There was someone else that had just joined, and they began to attack them too. The person moved away, out of the no-kill zone, and they killed them. I have a screen shot of it.

Another person made a very disgusting comment, before leaving the server. I have a screen shot of this too.

The second one bothered me the most, as I am still a young teen. I would appreciate if you would take action to ban or at least kick these people.

Hello, can I use someone’s portal chest or diamond portal to make one? I will pay you 10 stacks or more platinum coins. I would like to import some stuff.

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I get you guys want portal chests, but I would prefer you to get them on your own rather than getting them from someone who went through all the work to get all items to make one themselves. Also, please don’t use this thread to beg for items.

On a different note, an in-game report will be enough to get my attention if a player is breaking the rules, I check player reports daily. I only come on here once in a while.

I reported both of them, but screenshotted it, and told you here in case you needed proof or did not check in-game reports.

Sorry, someone one already let me use there’s.

This world is inappropriate and when you call them out on it they ban you!

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Firstly, you should report worlds to me, rather than the whole community. Secondly, I’ve joined this world, and not seen anything problematic, so you will need to give me specifics. Thirdly, I will PM you shortly. Please don’t post any more in this thread until we have resolved this.