Server World: Dark Side

Free Build anywhere that is unprotected. Griefing is allowed. 24/7 Server. Inappropriate behavior won’t be tolerated.

NEW: Maze under spawn 09/21/19. /maze-info in game for more info!

  • Do not ask for Admin or Mod ranks! You can apply for Mod in the channel called mod application on discord.
  • No PVP in spawn/at the spawn portal, there are signs marking where PVP is allowed. Disobeying may result in your name being put on the kick list. Players on the kick list will not be eligible for promotion to Mod or Admin.
  • Listen to the staff members. If a staff member is abusive, please report them using discord or an in-game report.
  • Hackers are allowed here, just do not abuse your hacks. Hackers that grief items that cannot be griefed by normal players will have their IPs and devices banned. Griefing is allowed.
  • You can build anywhere that isn’t protected, but please do not ask for protection signs if you made an ugly house right next to spawn. Try to build far away, i.e.: in the sky or under the ground. Houses on the ground generally will not be protected unless really far away from spawn. (Note: ground houses should have a wood door on the first floor so players don’t have to climb over it)
  • Do not impersonate or pretend to be a staff member.
  • Please try not to spam. Spamming may result in your name being put on the kick list.
  • Not all rules are listed here. If you’re unsure of something, don’t hesitate to ask a staff member.
  • Please post in the ban appeal discord chat if you feel that your ban was unjustified.
    NOTE: If caught transferring points from an alt account(a bot feature), you can be subject to demotion and/or blacklisted.
    Discord Channel:

I random joined that server yesterday

By the way Judi, did you find Nlong yet?

I have not:/ I doubt he’ll come back honestly.

I will say this once: Hackers are not all bad. The ones that one hit kill people at the spawn portal will be instantly banned, as well as hackers that attempt to destroy spawn (changing signs, removing lights, instantly buying out shops, etc). I have an admin that’s a ‘hacker’ and he is amazing at modding, which is all hackers really do. cough itzaydoh cough.
Some of them are a really great asset to the community; I’ve had plenty of them help me figure out what I need to do to prevent the ‘bad hackers’ from griefing the servers I’ve owned.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the server!

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There are a lot of people who apply hacks and play with them, that don’t impact the other players around them in any way. There are worlds specifically for hackers to play on, as they’re barred from many worlds. Posting in a world thread to say you hate a rule that is inclusive of a group you don’t wish to play with is a disproportionate response. If you don’t wish to share worlds with them then don’t join.