Server- World of Pie - OPEN DURING 1.7 UPDATE!

This is my world, World of Pie.

Welcome To World Of Pie!
Hi there! Thank you for joining World of Pie! It’s so nice to have you here with us.
ATTENTION! The I Need Pie Special Prize! Read ALL THE WAY through the rules and if I am on ( which is quite often ) I will give you 4 Mod/Admin Points!
To earn this, I will ask you a random question about a part of the rules and if you get the answer right then you earn your prize! Good luck!

Mod/Admin Points

Mod/Admin points (or M/AP for short) are the points you must earn in order to be admin or mod. Points can be obtained by doing these tasks (of course, there are more ways, this is just a sample)

Reading the rules - 4 points

Coming on every day for 2 days - 10 points

3 days - 11 points

4 days - 11 points

5 days - 12 points

6 days - 12 points

1 week - 15 points


A whole month - AUTOMATIC ADMIN

Helping an admin clean up after a griefing/hacking - 10 points

Being part of the Blockheads forums - 3 points

Being courteous for 10 days - 5 points

Explaining something to a new player - 2 points

Building something particularly notable - 10/ 15/ 20 (depending on how notable)

Helping someone who needs help - 1 point

Using a penguin smiley- 5 points (you can only earn this once)

To be a Mod you must have 30 points.

To be an Admin you must have 70 points. Go forth and be nice on the Internet!

Owner- I Need Pie

Co-owner: NONE

Head admin- NONE

Admin- EVATHEGREATEST99, JAZZPAZZ, Fishy456, Bill_cipher145, High Elf, sapzap.

Head Mod- lionkiller55

Mod- lionkiller55

First, some rules. Sorry, I know you don't like rules but many people have disobeyed me, so we have to have some. 😌

1. Don't build or destroy anything within 50 blocks of spawn. Punishment- kick, again ban

2. Don't ask for admin or mod. Punishment- I'm fair, the first time you disobey this rule there is NO punishment. However if you do it AGAIN then I will instantly ban you!

3. Do not lie about which rank you are. I have it written down in the real world so I WILL KNOW. Punishment- Lying gives a kick.

4. No cussing, swearing, sexual behaviour, or griefing!!!!

Admin rules

1. These are the ONLY reasons that you can ban anyone-

Sexual behaviour

Cussing (2nd time)


Lying about rank (2nd time)

Disobeying admin, co owner or owner


If you read the rules please say I Need Pie is Awesome. All players who help the world with building places needed will be acknowledged at the bottom of the page. Also thank you lots to EVATHEGREATEST99, JAZZPAZZ and Fishy 456for your help in building this amazing world!

Some pics of World Of Pie


If your server is low on credit maybe you should give it to your own server rather than giving it to other people.
Just a suggestion :wink:

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Yeah but I get so many generous donations that I have enough TC to spare on other people’s worlds and I feel like I’m returning the favour

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If you get so many generous donations then how do you only have 7 days? :thinking:


She uses tc for other worlds.

@Blockfan179 That’s not what I meant. I was asking if she gets so many “generous donations” then how did she have only 7 days of credit? If she actually got those donations she would definitely not have 7 days left. It would be more.

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Off topic a bit, but the bottom left picture just irks me because of the chest cart… It’s set up to it looking like it’s a duping station.
Anyways, I do like the looks of this server. Spawn looks nice as well.

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i went on and it looks like a hacker has messed it up

Edit here’s the picture



NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! But I think there was a thread on how to fix it :slight_smile:

The world is a little empty… Perhaps it will fill up during the update. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hacker problems? I can help fix them, if you need me. :slight_smile:

No, these were fixed in January and no more have surfaced:)

I am thinking of closing World of Pie, as my new server, Sunset Moon, needs a lot of attention.

Sounds good.

Well, how can I start. My server, World of Pie, was my first and only server (not counting Sunset Moon). So many players have joined. So many have urged me on in my darkest days. But now the time has come.

I only have enough money to fuel one server.

And I’m choosing Sunset Moon.

Thank you, everyone, who joined the world. Thank you for the times you helped me get through the day. I’m even thankful for the hackers, for making me new friends through cleaning up the mess.

The closing party for World of Pie will be 13th of March, 2018, from 4pm GMT to 8pm GMT. Please come along to see the last stand of World of Pie.

Goodbye, old friend. :sleepy:


Why do you make a server closedown sound like a funeral

Because it is :cry::cry::cry:


Why so critical? This server meant a lot to her and many others obviously.


Someone realised I’m a ‘her’… I usually stay safe and say ‘they’.