Server World: Pine’s Anarchy | Vanilla Expert

:bomb: Welcome to Pine’s Anarchy! :boom:

Pine’s Anarchy quite honestly doesn’t have anything special about it! Just a regular ol’ Vanilla Expert server. :stuck_out_tongue:

This world is 1x in size so a little low on resources when starting out, but once you get away from spawn, there is still a lot to be explored.

World Size: 1x
PvP: Enabled
Mode: Vanilla Expert
Status: Online 24/7 :green_circle:
Created: Wednesday, Aug 18, 2021.


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Pine’s Anarchy is one of two servers hosted by Pine’s BlockHeads Realms. For more information, join our discord! We have a growing community of about 30 of the remaining enjoyable blockheads players, and we would love to meet you.



Without the rules? :question:

What rules are you referring to exactly, Wumbo? I would be happy to add something for you. (・ᴗ・)

No, I was wondering if there are no rules.