Server World: Pink Floyd

(Not a current representation of the server world. Was reset Jan 2019.)

Free Build anywhere that is unprotected. Griefing is allowed. 24/7 Server. Inappropriate behavior won’t be tolerated.

Please try not to spam. Spamming may result your name being put on the kick list, and non-staff players will be able to kick you (a message bot feature).

No PVP in spawn/at the spawn portal, there are signs marking where PVP is allowed. Disobeying may result in your name being put on the kick list. Players on the kick list will not be allowed to get mod or admin regardless of points.

Listen to the staff members. If a staff member is abusing, please report them using discord or an in-game report.

Do not ask for Admin or Mod! You can apply for mod in the discord channel called “Mod Application” or gain 10,000 Pink Points from playing on the server and voting (Pink Points are a Message Bot feature).

You can build anywhere that isn’t protected, but please don’t ask for protection signs if you made a house right next to spawn. Try to build far away, ie: in the sky or under ground. Houses on the ground generally won’t be protected unless really far away from spawn.

Hackers are allowed here, just do not abuse your hacks. Hackers that grief items that cannot be griefed by normal players will have their IP’s and devices banned.

Do not impersonate or pretend to be a staff member. This includes joining with the same name (with special symbols, etc) as a staff member. This can result in a perm ban of your device and IP.

Message bot rules and information are listed when the bot is active. /help while in the server.

Not all rules are listed. If you’re unsure of something, don’t hesitate to ask a staff member.

There is a discord channel. The invite link is in the welcome message of the server.


You can’t just post it here?

Aye, you’re still alive!
Is Nlong still around there?
If you wonder, I’m Swag.

Hey! Yeah I’m alive! haha, I haven’t seen nlong since I’ve been back. I need him to redesign my spawn, it’s not as amazing without him and his obnoxiousness. You should come in the server, rules are still basically the same, just spiffed up a bit.

I would really rather people only join if they actually play on the server, so no I won’t be posting the link here. If you really want to join, you can play on the server and get it from there :slight_smile:

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Okay, I remember when I went back to the server some time ago and it was corrupted or something, and I’ve became a better builder since back then, so I could help lol

Merged double post.

Come try out the maze! Prizes vary, but always include a portal chest on completion. :slight_smile:

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