Server World: Wolf Return

Welcome to Wolf Return! This is mainly a roleplay server. Enjoy your stay!

Please take your time to read the welcome message, and especially the rules.

This server was created on Sunday, 11th of November, 2018.

Please read and follow these rules. Disobeying them might result in a kick, or even a ban.

  1. Harassing, bullying or anything along these lines is not allowed, and will not be tolerated.
  2. Keep everything family-friendly, thus no inappropriate activity.
  3. Roleplay is allowed, as long as you keep it appropriate and fun for everybody.
  4. Do not try to harm the gameplay or server in any way, for example by spamming or hacking.
  5. Listen to the owner, admins, and mods.
  6. All factions are unofficial until approved.
  7. Be nice to everyone, and have fun!

Everyone can create a pack, clan, tribe, etcetera. To make your faction official and appear on the welcome message and the server’s forum thread, you can submit it to the owner through DMs on discord or the forums. There are a few things you must answer/fill in the DM. Of course, you can add more information.

  • Name of pack/clan/tribe.
  • A short description/welcoming message.
  • Your username.
  • Rules. (optional)
  • Species. (optional)
  • What ranks your group uses. (optional)

There are no packs so far.

I am Fade, or better known as Fading Star. I like drawing, writing, and basically all kinds of art. I love fantasy stories. I am also currently writing a story called Eqera.

You may be asking why. Why are you trying, after so many failed attempts, to create a server again?

Well, I always dreamed of owning a server. Something big, rather huge. Something, like, for example, Skeeve’s Exile, or Atmos. I have the needed time, I just never had enough help. So I am trying again, hoping that with 1.7, there will be enough others liking my idea.

Recently, I’ve felt very motivated to create a server. Not a normal server, though. A roleplay server. Yes, a roleplay server. A hybrid between the “common” roleplay, in chat, and roleplay through the game, e.g. through PvP and building. That’s not all, though. Keep on reading.

Some of you may know that I used to be a roleplayer before I joined the forums. A few years ago, something around 3-4 years ago, there used to be a kind of servers that will forever stay in my heart. Wolf roleplay servers. Yes, it may sound weird for most of you, but I met the best people there and had the time of my life. How does it work? Well, it’s simple. Use your imagination. People used to build and dig “wolf dens” in the ground and created huge packs (teams) with others. The smaller details were roleplayed in the chat. It was beautiful to see just how many people would join, and just chat together most of the time, while building their underground homes, that although weren’t the prettiest, together looked like the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Sadly, the wolf roleplay servers (almost) disappeared already. They got taken over by anime servers and inappropriate roleplays. That’s why I am trying to create a server. To bring the good and old servers back. I’ve already got some old friends that would help me and join, but I’d need your help too.

More on how this server will work. You will be able to roleplay as a wolf or any other (fantasy) animal. You can join a pack, or build your own pack. Survive in the harsh environment. Create a “family”. Make your pack the greatest! Or, just make a small, calm home, for you and your friends, far away from others.

The best part is, with these servers, you can choose which kind of roleplay you want to do if you don’t want both. You can switch between the two types (chat roleplay and in-game roleplay). The reason I am allowing both types is to introduce the common chat roleplayers to the game more, and the forumers and ‘normal’ players to chat roleplay. These two groups of players have been divided a lot in the past. Here on the forums, it seems the chat roleplayers get a pretty negative view from us, mostly because of the inappropriate roleplayers. In the group of the roleplayers, however, many people view us as “higher ranked evil people that try to destroy the roleplay servers”. So yes, I am trying to bring these two kinds of players together! (Yes, I know not everyone here hates roleplay, and not every roleplayer hates forumers, but this is just how I, after visiting some servers and asking people about it, feel like it is.)

So, I am finally attempting to create a new server. A roleplay wolf pack server. I hope some of you will come by and maybe even help with the building of the server!

There are a few different ways you can contact me.

Discord: The_Fading_Star#4572
Discord server: None yet
Blockheads Forums: @The_Fading_Star


Note, I am still working on the server, thus it’s not open yet. It is private at the moment, but it will be open next week, I hope. I am sorry for it being so late, but I have exams next week, and I had to work this weekend. I’d like to ask everyone who wanted to help with the server to send me a new DM, if you still want to help, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

This server sounds amazing!

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  • Built a simple spawn.

  • Added signs on both sides of the spawn.

  • Server link will be published later this week!

Your spawn looks really cool! :slightly_smiling_face:


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Wow! Looks great, really excited for the server.

Could I also read your story, by any chance? I know this sounds wierd, but I’m into writing too!


Maybe, someday… Lol. I’m trying to write regularly, but I often fail. Busy lately, but I’ll let you know when and where I publish the story.

Back to the server. I think I’ll open it tomorrow, currently I am trying to breed donkeys to get an unicorn. Anyone would want to help?


I’ll help—

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I thought I sent you a link on discord already.

You did.

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I am happy to announce, that the server, is finally opening! The server will be searchable, but I might make it public someday. A first event is also starting, and you can earn great prices from it, perfect to start off in this new world.


  • Grand Opening! The server is now open, and everybody is free to join, roleplay, and/or create a pack, or whatever else you want! (As long as you follow the rules and behave, of course!)

  • First Event! Donkey Hunting Season: don’t let the name fool you, it’s not about killing donkeys! First to have a rainbow unicorn wins! But that’s not it…

There are 3 prices:

  1. First to trade a rainbow unicorn with me gets 100 platinum coins.
  2. First to trade a unicorn with me gets 60 platinum coins.
  3. First to trade a rainbow donkey with me gets 30 platinum coins.

It’s quite hard to find donkeys there, so you might get a random donkey from me, with a cage and one carrot. It can be anything from gray to yellow, tamed or untamed, adult or baby. It’s totally random.

Sadly, a player may only earn 1 price, so play smart and keep silent till you have the best to trade if you are sure you will be first.

To submit your unicorn or donkey, leave a post here, or message me on discord, with a picture of the donkey in the server. (With the second case, I will post the picture here with the name of the player.)

And of course, once you trade your donkey or unicorn, it will be mine. :wink:

  • Discord server coming soon!
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So, uh, guys… I have to confess something…

It’s ironic.

My main character, on my owner account, is a cat… But no worries, I’ll make other accounts and just play as a regular player, too, and you won’t even know!

This also is a tip for anyone who joins, and I am thinking about making it a rule, maybe. You can have different accounts for different characters. If you want to join multiple packs/clans, you can just create a new character and join it! If you want to create your own pack, but at the same time help a friend out with their pack by joining, that’s possible! This would also make it easier to have multiple characters.

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I’d love to help this progress and become a big hit on Blockheads if you don’t mind I could be a Moderator or Administrator for the Server.

I have big plans for this Server and I hope to be able to help you make this a big hit and an amazing Server, I’ll be joining now and getting familiar with it seeing what I could do to edit or help around the other Staff.

I can’t wait to see you soon in your Server as it’s an amazing edition, I love the Wolf Pack and Clan servers and this is amazing of you we all love these and we love you for creating this.

Thanks for reading.

[Edit] I checked and tried to get onto the Server but it’s sadly out of credit, I think you added a weeks credit and hopefully you will be able to get a month on the server to help it as it looked as if it was really going to be big.

I could help and provide some credit when I can get some if you like, I will also try and help build and create a Pack if you need one or join one if that’s needed more.

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The server isn’t out of credit? I am currently there and it has over 20 days right now. I think you went to the wrong server. There were more servers with this name, by other players. My nickname is FADING STAR. Here is a join link.

I might update the OP later with my owner nickname and the link.

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