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Hello everyone!

I recently made a new server which I think stands out from the rest of the other ones. We created a server that is a “Minecraft adventure mode”. You spawn in college and explore the world, there are different cities connected by railway; each having a different theme. The server is 100% inescapable. I (server owner) am usually on from 1pm BST, though we intend to run it 24/7.

So far we can only made spawn and we have moved onto meteorite city (a place where you can mine ores in a giant meteorite which will be rebuilt every day).

We would like some feedback on what we have built so far. If you find any escape routes please let us know.

Our server rules:
-act how you would act in front of your grandma
-if you make anyone uncomfortable, rephrase your sentences or talk in a kinder way.

I don’t know why you haven’t joined yet :roll_eyes:



Do you have a link to the server? I can’t find it by searching for it through the app.


Hello! I unfortunately can’t post links yet. Sorry.

What’s the name of the owner? (On blockheads I mean, I know you’re the owner :upside_down_face:)

It’s “IVY48”

I think I can post links now!^-^

Merged double post and added link to OP.

I don’t think you should be posting about your server as of now. There’s a new hacker going around named [redacted by milla]. I have an entire topic on this. Don’t @ me. Actually, yes, DO @ me.

[redacted by milla] has been inactive for two days now and the server is private as of now because we are building our second area! Forest city, inspired by “The forest” by “Virus Naz”. I’ve been on multiple server’s which he’s raided and the raids usually only last 15 minutes. If I do receive a visit off him i’ll make sure to tell you and i’d probably contact Milla with his details.

I really like your idea of a “Giant Meteorite” that you mine ores from.
I think it would be interesting having a 1/16x custom world with a theme like that.
Actually, one of my Single Player Worlds is called “Ceres” which I sort of intended to be a simulation of living on an Asteroid. I think I made it 1/4x instead of 1/16x.

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server is currently locked, i’ll notify you when it’s open

@KATIE-34 & @islavov541: we don’t permit naming and shaming. All such reports should be made to me privately. I have edited your posts.

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those maps seem so small, I usually go for bigger maps. Is there an actual difference between bigger maps and smaller maps, performance wise.

In the beginning, there is no difference in performance between a 1/16x and a 16x world and all sizes in between. However, a 16x world has 256 times more space to add data from building structures, paintings, portals, etc. So over time, a 16x world’s performance will get worse than a 1/16x.

Take SGE for example - it’s a 7 year old 16x world which crashes about every 15-20 minutes and lag is very noticeable. However, it is still playable and active and we are used to its shortcomings so there’s no need to shy away from a 16x world if you want to make one.


I didn’t know that, thanks