Servers are confusing

Let’s say I pay 600 gems for a 1-week server. At the end of the week, does the server just shut down or do I have to pay even more gems to keep it running? Please be detailed in your response.

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The server shuts down until you or someone else pays more time crystals, this will become 99 cents USD a week when the update comes out in a few months.


You just can’t log on to the server
Every time you try, it would say something like ‘server is out of credit add more credit to join’
And you will have to add more time crystals if u want to join

  • When a server is out of credit, you will not be able to join it as it will say “This world is out of credit.” Then you will be given options to add more credit.

  • You can see the amount of credit left by tapping on the portal, or heading over to the owner portal. The owner portal is for pausing the server (stops running and saves the credit) and many other uses!

  • Please note that server credit will cost real money in the next update. For more information, see the topic here: A change to server credit in 1.7