Servers are dying slowly? Hackers are everywhere?



Servers are dying slowly?

I remembered all servers were so popular & lit every server I join in all the time from the past. I chose which server is the best, and active to join in. I see people were just chillin, having fun, and working together to build a house so on my server. Everything was doing okay. I was having a good time.

The servers were so popular until now servers are dying slowly the dead numbers have growth. Because they don’t come on that much than it used to be. Not all servers are dead. This shows that they got bored or gave up, no credits, some of their servers are invaded, and lots of dramas are still going on right now.


I agree


I agree with you too.


I think the servers are dieing because of technical issues. Some people are having troubles joining servers with Apple devices.


I thought that the server credit change would kill a lot of garbage anime servers and more people would be joining the ones leftover. Not so much. Beggar’s Tomb has grinded to a hault. All I see anymore are hackers.


Yeah, server traffic has been almost eradicated since the update


Not even that many anime rp servers died. What the heck?


I loath Anime servers. So annoying. I give people a warning or two for roll playing on my server then ban. It’s mostly spam. Unfortunately I think hackers may have found a way to skirt server fees??? I hope not.


That would suck


Here’s what I don’t understand. Why is everyone scapegoating anime servers? I loathe anime too but if they rightfully payed for the credit, they have the right to make a roleplaying server.


The thing that gets me is in Asia anime is very sexual. The anime comics over there are very adult. Nothing like Power Rangers or Pokémon like in the Western world.


I get it but as long as it’s appropiate, shouldn’t it be fine?


No. All anime servers need to die. Yuck.


Yeah man it’s kind of ironic how the update had the opposite effect of what was intended. Instead of everyone cramming into the few servers that would remain and making select few servers super active as the waves of unactive ones died off, it seems like everyone just stopped playing altogether.


I’m happy I got the name of that hacker before the thread went poof. Hacking is what is killing this app.


Anime server are even more toxic. While researching about it, admins and mods on the remaining servesr called their selves ‘‘gods’’ and had you-know-what on some servers. Some even ban those who don’t approve of their ships.


Same here.


Honestly, this was really a lot of naming and shaming.


The hacker


In the thread