Servers are dying slowly? Hackers are everywhere?



Well, it’s gone now.


So report it and move on. I will never in ten billion years understand how you people get off publicly complaining about rule breakers on the forum. To me that is the true naming and shaming.




There is a lot about the RPing servers…

All I have to say is this: @Reggie it is wrong of them to ban those who do not get on bored of their ship and do sexual things on the servers (like, seriously people? This is a game for kids!)
But a lot of people like being somebody they are not (been there, done that) and find it enjoyable. I RP sometimes as well, so I know that not all RPs are sexual and judgmental. But the ones that are I just leave and never talk to those people again.
Here is what I always say: If you don’t like something you see…
:notes:. Just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling… what do we do? We scroll a-way :notes:


Me: hey I’m gonna go to this anime role play serve-


even with servers with 5 people, most of those people like… don’t do anything


I know, right?


Some people there are nice, but most I’ve met there IMO are toxic and annoying.


Yeah I have nothing against anime servers, it’s just the ones that aren’t kid friendly or put you down that I am against. They pay their credits and help Dave out but they should be nice in the process.


Yeah true but :musical_note: Just keep scrolling… :musical_note:
@Tueflisch I feel your pain :cry:


Some servers are just doing to die because of hackers they are everywhere and can do anything


I think some server which is not useful anymore will need to be remove from blockheads cloud who doesn’t use that server, and abandons it that often. The dead numbers of servers are still increasing so rapidly. If anyone agree with that.


I wonder why hackers suddenly started to destroy stuff.


Here’s some of my reasons why I think hackers/script_kiddies come more often onto servers.

  • There’s less servers due to the new credit.

  • They can waste people’s real money and server credit time by greifing.

  • Some are mad of the 1.7 changes.


Ok so tap the … button and there should be a trash can. Post something here and tap the trash can. That should do it.


Equivalent of deleting a post. It goes through a 36-hour wait period before being erased, presumably to give time to retrieve or review it.




I think that the paying to make a server is the only reason for this but I know a good server with admins on almost 24-7 The salt lands owner saltydoggo
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Unfortunately , on the Internet , youll always find baddies , but youll also find hackers there , too .