Servers are dying


Servers are dying. I have already joined every single server in the game. There should be more. Why?


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Servers are dying because not a lot of people want to spend money on credit for them.


It was a lose-lose situation for Dave.


Are you sure about that?


Have you joined skylands? Skylands arena? The maze runner? Rabbit hole? HD 40307? Pink mist? Muddy waters?


What about all the mac servers?


It’s out of credit.


I am sure UY4 meant the Cloud servers. (back before 1.7 there were Hacked Time Crystal servers, Generic Roleplay servers [usually Anime RP ones], Online Dating server [which was a trend from Roblox, but it didn’t invade Club Penguin or ToonTown, which are both made by Disney], et cetera, so you were RARELY finding a good server with Survival aspects).


None of the ones I said are


In any given 24 hour period hundreds of worlds are active. I’m not sure how many are public, but I doubt anyone has joined all of them. There are quite a few active worlds. This week almost 700 worlds have been played on.

This is a drop, as it used to be thousands, but I don’t think there is a lack of choice.


And for how long do people usually play on those 700 servers?


I don’t know. The point is there are several hundred worlds in credit.


are all world dying or are your worlds dying


A- Lots of servers are active
B-I’ve Seen Servers Hit the 16 max player count