Setting in a limit of an hour before you can post if you have posted within that hour


Now I think this should come into play.

A system that will not let you to post within that same hour if let’s say you posted in that hour.

Of course you would be able to post of course when! Someone else that is not you posts.

This would come in handy to stop double posting.

Of course I can’t make a discourse account and post it there. so someone will need to do it for me. Any volunteers?

Club edit for posts

I think a lot of members are not online on the forums 24/7 but will typically join once or twice a day or even less. So they will want to post replies to several threads within - lets say for example - 10 min or half an hour.


I don’t get it.


I think he meant that in a thread,someone cannot post continuously within an hour with an exception of your post have been replied by someone else.
Hence,this can stop double posting.


That’s true Ronnie, but I think Legoboy was saying the same thread within an hour if no one else has posted.


Only he can clarify, I do not see the slightest hint towards “in one thread”.


Does this not belong in #suggestions


#suggestions are for the game itself. #meta is for anything directly related to the forum.


Please make all suggestions for adding features to or changing features of the Discourse software to the developers of Discourse, rather than here. You can contact them at their Discourse board at:

We can’t make changes to the software ourselves, without disrupting the update process, which is an important part of subscribing to such a service. If you have a parameter change to suggest by all means post them here, but this is not one of those.


To be clear,
By parameter, you mean this discourse board specifically and anything about it, such as rules and how they’re enforced?


Pretty sure this is a change to the Discourse system, so I don’t think that’s possible unless you contact the Discourse devs


By parameter I mean a board setting. For example, when Dave first installed this software one of the first things I did was head into the settings and change a few things. I’ve made changes since, as people have suggested them, or as I’ve found the default problematic. The minimum post length got axed down to five characters, for example. It was at something like 20 by default.


Alllright, Got it.