Setting the amount of players that can be on your server at once


For those server owners out there who do not want to have more then for example 4 players in their server this will come useful.

This will be a setting in the owner portal in settings and a setting in game.

The New default setting will be 8, but you can set it to whatever you need or want it to be.

The minimum setting will be 1, and the maximum setting will be 16.

This will be an owner only option, for a few reasons. I do not want admins being able to change this, and if a bad admin we’re to abuse this it would make it impossible for the owner to join if he does not know how to use the owner portal.

When the max players is edited and set to lower then what your current amount of players on are it will kick one random player off.


What about Mac servers?


I think you can set the amount of players in a mac server already and up to 36 players if not mistaken.
Please correct me if I’m wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


We should have a maximum of 32 players.


Yes, I think it’s 32 on Mac worlds.


If there were a Mac owner portal, this could be an option. :wink: