Setting the owner on a Mac server

When you create a Mac server, there isn’t a box anywhere to set the owner… but there is a command!

From the Mac app, you can set the owner of the server using /set-owner <NAME>.

If you want to remove the owner of the server, you can do /remove-owner.

Note: This only works from the app - you can’t use the commands in game, even if you are the owner.

Important: Even if you set the owner with /set-owner, this does NOT protect the name from being reset by any admin using /reset-owner. Admins can still take over the account, so be careful who you trust!


Is there a benefit to doing this? Does it say the owner’s name in the welcome message?

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New Free Mac Servers now use this instead of /admin. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately nope, but it does show the owner in yellow like cloud servers, which is useful.


May I ask why?

I don’t know. I suspect the logic the game employs to add the owner name only works with cloud servers, but I haven’t spent enough time to figure out why (and probably never will, there are far more interesting parts of the game to analyze)

Actually it does:


Maybe the server has to restart first or something?

I don’t think so - I’m willing to bet that that world manually added the owner to the welcome message with a script. If the owner was included it should show up with all caps like the cloud does.

@Bibliophile It doesn’t. I can show you the welcome message if you want.

I originally had the script to add my name to the welcome message, then wingy set me as the owner.


Then I disabled the script and was left with my name.


Huh ._. I guess it uses the case from the command then.

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