Sextant (or GPS)


Problem: I like to make even grids, especially for exploring or making hiways. Currently, that means a lot of counting.

Operation: If the active BH is carrying one, co-ordinates show at the top of the screen. You don’t have to place it. Co-ordinates are based on the original portal, not the poles, to maintain the initial mystery.

Cost: Metalwork Bench, level 2. Maybe also need to travel 1000 blocks from the origin before you can make it. (More realistic, but probably harder to program.)

Real World History: Wikipedia says the sextant was invented in 1731, but also says there are records of its use around 1600. Maybe the later date is a better design? The steam engine was patented in 1698.


Yeah, that would make sense.


I agree with this idea, we should have some type of a grid system such as:

For width
Then one for elevator/depth
A (+) for height above portal
A (-) for depth below portal

Maybe once crafted it will then be activated (top let or right corner of the screen) forever on that world, and any more crafted would be for show; if placable.

Great suggestion!


Not sure how this will be useful. Maybe I might use this to accurately determine distances (by number of blocks) and I still haven’t figured out which mountain was the tallest in my world even though I must have travelled over while circumnavigating the world.

Besides I can almost accurately determine where I am or how far I am from a particular pole by using the stars and measuring the angles they leave or come to the ‘earth’.

Maybe gps would be good for servers and new people searching for someone. The regular would be able to send the new person their coordinates.


I’m not fully understand the concept here but I think I get the general concept- I think it’d be a better idea to measure coordinates in time crystals (which can currently be measured by placing portals away from each other) because it’s already a fairly familiar system. Maybe alongside the blocks system (blocks left or right from the spawn portal or another designated portal)


Then one for elevator/depth
A (+) for height above portal
A (-) for depth below portal

That’s what I imagined.


Using coordinates to share locations between players is a great use for it! Or even between you and future you (aka you want to return to it).


Do you mean TC needed to teleport back? That’s only accurate to 40 blocks. That’s close enough if you want to visit someone with a visible structure, but not if you want to build an even grid in a mine or skyway. Also, I think the max TC is 200, even if you are very far away on a large world. (


Yes that’s correct but you can still go further than the 200 marker by continuing to place the portal and see how far it is away from the 200 marker as though the 200 marker was the spawn portal. It’s only exact to 40 blocks but that’s why I suggested it be alongside the time crystals.