SGE: Royal Catacombs (4001 TCA)



It has been a year since this thread was made. I originally intended to keep on-site pictures hidden so that people could experience the thrill of exploring a “one way in, one way out” project. Now that enough time has passed, i’m going to simply humor the people who were not able to visit the place. With that, i formally end the exploration days of this project.

I would like to credit the game below for providing the images i used.

And now…
Below are the 7 souls that rule the catacombs

The Empress

The High Priestess

Wheel of Fortune

The Sun


The Moon


This Image was not originally from the game maze of darkness and was photoshopped.
I created it in hopes that people would learn the “truth” about SGE and its God.

A pleasant year to everybody who participated in the exploration days of this project.
As we plunge into even darker days
-Vladmir Industries


The Gold Palace in SGE has recently got an expansion update. The Royal Catacombs would serve as the place where the banned criminals of the server will have their souls locked up for eternity.

Using the new Marker System in SGE, the TC Address of the Royal Catacombs is at (4001 TCA)

This is also my first take on a “One way In, One way Out” Dungeon wherein entering the site would mean you cant leave from the same direction.

You might be wondering why most of the catacombs is darkened out. Besides the topmost part, it seems Blockheads “zoomout technology” cannot penetrate or receive information about the interior structure. (Have Fun Getting Lost Looking For A Way Out!". Also those Dots you see on zoomout are basically just souls calling out to you.

Im not going to post pictures this time since i want people to experience a sense of exploration of the features i placed in the catacombs.

Well, maybe just one picture so you can get the feel of the place.

(Levitation Crystal Maze)

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Too spooky for me @-@


That’s truly awesome Vlad, can’t wait to try it out.


Well done @Vladmirangel

Another amazing must-see landmark and experience in BH person!


Amazing! I will make sure to visit next time I’m at the empire :smiley:


that looks so cool wow


Nice server but nightmare fuel. I will not join it i am scared


Ooh, time for another visit!


Love it!


Wow, that’s awesome! Would totally join, except 4000 tc is a bit much for me… ._.


The trip of your tc’s lifetime :laughing:


Throw me in the dungeon!


Wow! Excellent job! :scream:


Wow. I love it. You are more talented then me ⚲_⚲


Very coooooool!!


But as super admin you would get a different experience since you can access my staff only doors :stuck_out_tongue:

@TheDerpMaster nah, its not 4000 tc from spawn, its 3200 tc from spawn. New marker system and all the math that goes with it.


Recently one of the citizens went and tested the dungeon and had a hard time getting out and had to teleport.

After some questioning, I Learned the exit was "Not apparent"TM, I made a few adjustments as to not affect the difficulty of finding the exit, but just making it more "apparent"TM.


W.o.w. Absolutely love it. And the names!!!


Ive had some report to me that the souls in the catacombs have been receiving gifts from people, so far ive personally checked to see coals and apples hidden there.

As for me, 2 days ago i offered a stack of platinum coins to 16 different souls there. wonder if its still there or some wanderer has found them already.