SGE: Royal Catacombs (4001 TCA)


Not to play. To look. I never have time to play at the moment. I missed most of the beta!


It seems the dark lord is getting all the good offerings… Was just curious and the first time i checked his chest i saw this.


I already go there and escape from creepy maze :slight_smile:


It’s very cool, I recommend it @Blocknuggets :+1:


I already saw and explore so pretty and creepy XD


Yeah, that was fun. I looked in every single chest in that entire thing, and let me tell you, it pays off. :wink:
Took me a good 3 hours, though…


find anything interesting? i didnt plan on having anyone look in every chest soooooooooooo yeah…
Edit: also howd this dead thread get revived anyhow lol


Nothing especially interesting, just a bunch of platinum



It has been a year since this thread was made. I originally intended to keep on-site pictures hidden so that people could experience the thrill of exploring a “one way in, one way out” project. Now that enough time has passed, i’m going to simply humor the people who were not able to visit the place. With that, i formally end the exploration days of this project.

I would like to credit the game below for providing the images i used.

And now…
Below are the 7 souls that rule the catacombs

The Empress

The High Priestess

Wheel of Fortune

The Sun


The Moon


This Image was not originally from the game maze of darkness and was photoshopped.
I created it in hopes that people would learn the “truth” about SGE and its God.

A pleasant year to everybody who participated in the exploration days of this project.
As we plunge into even darker days
-Vladmir Industries


Cool stuff