SHA FACTIONS PVE (Workinprogres) Looking for shopkeepers and helpers

For the past like 5-4 months I’m guessing, I’ve been at work slowly adding to my server that I’m hoping will be ready in a few months. I’ve decided to start allowing some people to build in 21x61 (1,281 blocks) plots building isn’t enabled unless you have a protected area under your name or you are admin. Plots will definitely be reduced significantly soon, because they are massive vertical rectangle shaped plots. This server will be a survival factions server soon, and these plots will be rented out below spawn around the subway being dug out for a fair amount of coins, that can be earned by selling items in shops, but owners will be required to possibly be a member of the discord server preferably, and if I have a lot of trouble with these plots and these can be kept if you commit to community services on the server regularly, or rent a space paying with plat coins or tasks. There will be ways around spending time off the server, if you are on the discord and announce your absence preferably, but with block heads server communication only I can’t promise anything. Plots will be cleaned up after a short period or being unlocked for people to loot if the owners can’t sustain at least a small helpful shop, with good income or community services. I aim to make this a fun server where any player can have fun and learn the basis of blockheads, I am almost always ready to assist people who need help from discord, and this server will have a great system for not only keeping away players that are toxic or ruin the game, but to fairly unban everyone to give them another chance possibly monthly or weekly and if listed on our exclusion list if you’re naughty enough, and also I’m wondering if I can report players anywhere for like hacking and greifing spawn or for bypassing IP bans. But these players on the list will get banned again on both of my servers every time I clear the blacklist. And also there is a link to my discord on my servers on my blockheads servers if you would like to check out my factions server(SHA FACTIONS PVE) and leave any suggestions or comments, which would be appreciated the discord server is also a work in progress. I might read over this and write more tomorrow. :wave:

Edit: don’t even think of joining the discord server unless you’re 13+ years old!
You will get banned from my discord server and possibly discord for even joking about being under discords age restriction.

You’re not even allowed to be on Discord anyways if you’re under 13 years old, so that hopefully shouldn’t be a problem.

A lot of players on block heads are under 13 so there will be a few
I’ve also made it so you can only join with a verified email so that should keep some out

Get altdentifier if they can’t complete a basic verification they shouldn’t be in there lol

We don’t permit the collection and storage of personal information for users. Email addresses come under that heading. The reason for this is we are aware that underage players do engage in multiplayer gaming with the game, and under child protection laws across most jurisdictions the collection of information of underage players is illegal without parental permission.

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Might look into it

If you’re talking about the IP list no one else has access to it apart from me, which is just like the logs and I only intend to copy and paste it into the blacklist on my owner portal so I don’t see how I could be doing anything wrong, especially since they’re the ones getting banned for committing petty crimes, and few for excessive harrassment and spam.
Also you can choose to use an email on discord it’s just limiting
And also you get a pop up with view or download for logs so

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 36 hours unless flagged)

If you gather any personal information about underage players you are in breach of the law. Only allowing users with a confirmed email address implies that you are in breach of this law. If you are breaching this law with our younger customers that is a problem. It might seem dumb, but child protection laws all have very sound reasons behind them.

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