Shadow Donkeys Glitch appearing in my SP world


Today when I progressed to stone, I seen a very weird glitch of a donkey turning black (not to be confused with the legit black donkeys appearing after breeding 2 brown donkeys):

And after I relaunched the game it turned into a normal donkey.
(Oh yes, Android versions of the game are filled to the brim with glitches and bugs, ones fixed by relaunching the game, and ones that cannot be fixed).


This is not a glitch. Dave added black donkey


I tamed it and named it Dodark


@TheFoil, read it:


I believe this is a glitch, and it’s not a surprise considering the fact that we’re talking about the Android version here. I’ve had this happen in version 1.6 on Android.


Black Donkey from breeding: added by MajicDave.

Shadow Donkey: a glitch, this also happens with any mob including the Player.


My dodo returned to normal


The Dodo Side.


Confirmed for Mac servers.