Shallow Fords Now Re-Opened!


For a valentines special this month, I put a little decoration over spawn. I might do more if I think of something


What are the rules?


The server owner set most of the rules


How many shallow fords are there? It’s a bit unclear whether this a new server of the same name or the post should go into the server thread.
Re-opened seems to imply it is the same old server.


If this is the server i am thinking of it needs to go in this thread please @ElTaPa


But the last posts in that thread say that server is to be abandoned and a new one to be made. That’s why I asked


Yes and no. The server was made by the same person, so yeah it was also called ‘shallow fords’ but I heard the previous shallow fords was lost. The one I’m talking about was created several months ago and I was made to be the first admin there.

There was also a post for the previous shallow fords where a photo was shown of spawn and it was definitely not the one I helped create and maintain.

@Ronnie you’re right, this is a different server with the same name. And my post does imply it was reopened. This new shallow fords was out of credit for a few months.


Link please then?


@ElTaPa, please advise the official owner of the server to create theworld thread and the rules are to be posted as plain text, not in a screenshot.

Please refer to this when posting about worlds that you own. Thanks


Thanks for informing me about this.

Given that the owner is not online enough, I help maintain the server and can help their server get some exposure.

Also with rules, I get why it may have to be in text, but the screen capture was a faster answer to one of the comments.



I’m afraid only world owners may post world threads. Closed.