Share funny and weird photos! ( from The Blockheads )


Share funny and weird pictures that are unrealistic from The Blockheads here! Feel free to add a funny sentence for it. Such as this one:

So appeartly there are holes in the bed to let hair go through.

Weird Finds in Blockheads
Weird Finds in Blockheads





That was the exact pose my blockhead was in when my cave troll disappeared. :cry:


I guess Mohawks can go through anything. :grin:


On the same server. Eerie.


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That reminds me. I completely destroyed a server once and stole a lot of unknowns, colored items, and I killed cave trolls, I flooded the entire world, too.


@Tueflisch, @TheFoil, this is a #pictures category not #off-topic. And this is The Blockheads forum.

So what this blockhead is doing is sticking the bed in the wall to help climb the mountain.


Please stay on topic. Photos/Screenshots from The Blockheads as per the OP.
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That’s a very good way to earn a cloud ban.


Thank you!


AH! :what:


Hard to see (didn’t realise the picture was so bad) but there a cherry and mango growing in the same spot


I noticed it when I tapped the picture. It is between the two action boxes.


So that’s how you got cloudbanned…


It was fun, I did it because one of the admins banned me so on another device I joined with my name but with a 2 on the end and they tried banning me but I used I as L and he didn’t notice. So then I destroyed the server.

Note: this is NOT how I was cloudbanned. I did a lot of ^ that stuff ^ few years ago. Never got cloudbanned from that. I was cloudbanned for trolling.


I wouldn’t work on it for a year, and, well, I only admin my friends. I wouldn’t betray them, they wouldn’t betray me.