Share funny and weird photos! ( from The Blockheads )


So rude


I was on a random server and I took random screenshots. Seems familliar? I laughed when I saw this :joy:

  • Yes :joy:
  • No :mad:
  • What :confused:

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It is funny how you can’t do that on cloud servers but you definitely can on hello world


That was the exact server I was on! I was on at the same time too. (At least for the first picture)


@dvsnsrock is a genius


Flying dodos and a torch on a furnace


I had a picture of @DeadlyPotato sleeping in midair but it gave too much insight to our base’s location.


Strange donkeys on my single player world.

In one, it looks like the front of two donkeys sticking out of a tree.

In the other, several donkeys were standing in the same spot, and I just happened to be quick enough to take a screenshot.




The yellow and blue donkey are trying to make green and the black and brown donkey are trying to hold the tree up. :joy:


Donkeys kissed


So romantic. But I hope the guy doesn’t end up being a [CENSOR] :peach:


Isn’t it an?


what is this xD


There must be a cave under the water.


I think know why deadlypotato…


It’s a sp world


There’s a void below, into which water is moving.


I thought it was something that me and you talk about privately in a PM.


Perfectly straight titanium!