Share funny and weird photos! ( from The Blockheads )


Military helmets lined up on a shelf. :lol:


Handcars can now levitate without a jetpack. Beat that unicorn riders!
(It was just vibrating. In mid air. Without a track.)


Used to be a popular glitch, back in late 2013.



The bears are truly dropping.


I can feel that yak staring into my soul…



Unicorn family photo:


NO cUrRpOTiOn isNeT COOl it caN BrAKe The gAMe!!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!


Snow on water…
Couldn’t he still move? Only his head is frozen. :thinking:
I have no exclamation…

He froze while he was attacking. Never thought they looked so funny :laughing:


I saw something like this in 1.7. But it was sharks and only for a split second when you join the world.

Who would have thought sharks ate kelp? :stuck_out_tongue:


Did anyone notice that blockhead’s shoes sink in the ground?


They can put their feet through steel and such?!! Ouch that must hurt…


What if the world of blockheads is actually like this:

Side view:




Someone’s bound to find your frozen body and they’ll take it to a museum.


Someone name a blockhead Steve Rogers and freeze it


Or Han Solo because then you can sell it to a space slug


Me and my friend were messing around with donkeys and that happened, my assumption her blockhead died and that’s the ghost of Cotton Candy lol (anyone who’s wondering about which server that is it’s Strawberry Caves by FlyingStrawberry) ( You weren’t wondering what server it is)


I already have it was funny