Share funny and weird photos! ( from The Blockheads )


At first I couldn’t see anything wrong :joy:



So here I am in Weird Finds where you can post any Weird Finds in Blockheads you have and someone shall respond to you and tell you what’s wrong with it and why it happened if you don’t already know, from Red Unicorns to Black Seas there’s always someone to help with the issue or someone to share your funny find with.

We do have a few rules to stay by when sending your pictures of your Weird Finds, if you don’t obey these we will have to kick you.

  • No Memes
  • No Hacking to get the glitch
  • No Purposely Glitches

While your her why not take the time to read the messages people send, won’t that help you get the Reader badge if we have 100+ messages? I can’t wait to see what Glitches you can find with your friends!


Isn’t this the same as #bugs-glitches and #bugs-glitches-android?



This is actually weird stuff we can find we are going to be searching and then everyone can show weird stuff, it’s different okay? Not to be rude.

It’s a place where people can enjoy sending weird stuff on the game that rarely happens and they get a chance to capture it in a photo, bugs and glitches are fixing them we are just showing them but we can post them there as well.



That’s just the same, though.

Glitches aren’t meant to be in the game, and that’s why you should report them. So they can get fixed.


We just want a place to laugh at them before we report them and show older images of them, their quite funny if you think about it, please stop acting like a mod as it’s getting annoying.


I still don’t see a purpose in this. You can just laugh at them in the report itself, I’ve seen many people do so. This just seems like increasing your post count.

Excuse me? That was quite rude. How exactly am I acting as a mod?


Mods and beta testers would have came and told me this by now, your just waisting your time, you can let people use this and leave if you don’t like it.


Why can’t I point something out before a mod or beta tester sees it? I don’t think many are online at this time. And, what even do beta testers have to do with this?


@GoodGradesBoy has all ready made a thread for this. Perhaps these could be merged?


We can see if we can get it merged but I’d keep his name


Merged @AuraShadow’s thread here as they are about the same topic. Please use the search function to look for related topics. There is no need to create multiple threads on the same topic.

Also a reminder to be kind, courteous and respectful in your posts. Thank you.


Sitting in air


When you do squats so good in the gym…


When I have never noticed this platinum here until when I found it.


Guess I am not getting what I want…


Wow! What program did you use to edit that?


Its not edited, i can record some proof and show you its not photoshopped. Beside, it just increased to 11k


Price cap?



Wow, I guess there isn’t a price cap.

You got to see Blockmarket! Rails have gone up 31%!