Share your bases!

There’s already a thread for this, but the one I found was 6 years old so… let’s try this again!

This is the main part:

And the farm:

And my powerhouse:

(I would show you another… but it’s secret :lol:)


In my sp world.

The main base, including the prepared troll room

The garden and storage room

The sky island house

And finally, dodoland


I’m a super big fan of your sky island house!! @GlassRose is trying to get me to make her one but my efforts are in vain hehe


How did you not loose those photos after six years?

I have two proudest bases.

First off is my mansion in Looking Glass by @jemnidad I built it in November 2019.

Second off is my Ski Resort / house in Rabbithole by @jemnidad again. It was originally built in 2017 but I refurbished it and significantly added and improved it starting in December 2018 up until Looking Glass launched in August 2019. The resort used to go all the way across that mountain and have a unicorn farm, way more rooms, a mall, a painting showroom, and a smoother subway system and golf but due to a failed rollback all that progress got erased, sadly.

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I don’t think the photos are six years old, I think the last thread on bases was six years old.


Oh, I must’ve misunderstood. :sweat_smile:

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