Share your blockhead dreams!


(@asyc originally came up for the idea on discord)

Share your BH dreams! Simple.

5:31am dreams

Blockheads was 3D.


From Discord:

In my dream, I was on COT and Porky gave me a red name, apparently a new update came out where admins can change people’s name colors with the color pallet, and everyone thought I was a super admin. Then on Giants I went and made everyone who asked for admin get a blue name, and they got mad when they could not ban people.


Nah, that dream was super dumb. That would be a disastrous feature.


It’s my dream so I can say that. :wink:



An impossible mode, where you have to eat every 10 seconds or you die.


Last night I dreamed that SM was open and Skeeve, ThuThu, Brer-Rabbit, Juju, Caelestis, Ingeniare, Lettuce, Agentpinkdog, Porky, asyc, milla, Lil angel, Bibliophile, Dave himself and a couple of random players off of other servers were on, and they said it was the best server ever and I swear I woke up this morning the happiest I have ever been in my life, even though it was just a dream :3


I hardly remember any of my dreams nowadays…I used to remember them in such detail when I was younger (though admittedly not always).


I actually had this dream last night. In fact I woke up and rushed down to breakfast and logged into Skeeve’s Exile just to make sure it wasn’t real. LOL

I dreamed that two players with god mode were flying above my base and somehow not dying from the cold. They were removing all the of the surface blocks and exposing deeper cave sections to the extreme cold. Needless to say, it startled me awake.


well i have been planning on coming when it opens


It’s going to be quite tame compared to Maze Runner, but maybe it would be good for the players (like me) find MR too hard rn. It could be like a practice run :3


All of your dreams sound impressive… and they actually make sense…

I dreamt a few weeks ago that I was breeding dodos, and found an egg that was solid green in colour. I picked it up, and I can’t remember what it was called, but it was some name I’d never heard of. Anyway, I put it back after it hatched, instead of creating a dodo, it made this weird kind of golden-chest object. Every time a dodo walked past it, they got… sucked into it? Or something like that. It was very traumatising and I couldn’t work out how to remove the chest. End of dream.

My dreams always seem seem very weird… I try to write them down as soon as I wake up but sometimes, I only remember a few details.


Had 2 weird dreams last night I’ll only share one cos the other is too weird

Me, Rosie, bekah and cg were on a new Pvp server on a team

@Hellotheressss and @Kapaciarz where on a team that we were hiding from

Here comes weird part 1

It was irl not on a device we had the same things bh had I kept talking to kap and hello about a titanium sword

Weird part 2

In the dream kap or hello somehow made me loose my memory the only thing I remembered was cg I didn’t remember anything else so I started crying for her she took my hand and my memory was back

Weirdest dream ever


I dreamed that Giants was sucessful when it would open before the server actually opened, and it is pretty successful so I guess it came true. Reminds me of your Sunset Moon dream.


The prophecies! They are true!

:stuck_out_tongue: I hope.


Today I had a dream in The Blockheads that chatting wasn’t a thing…signage time lol


Well then…


I dreamt I was a blockhead and was being attacked by my pixel art of a cloud.(it was just a block painted white)


I have these strange dreams where there are more then 1 poles near each other and it freaks me out in the dream. :confused: