Share YOUR shower thoughts here!


If you don’t know what shower thoughts are, they’re basically where your in the shower, bubble bath or just a regular shower, and you realize something you’ve never even realized before!
When you realize that nipping (soft pinch) your skin, your touching blood…

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And gu!


If the egg came before the chicken, what happened before the first egg EVER?


The world is slowly being destroyed and every second that passes is a second closer to my death When someone tastes something and says “It tastes like chicken” would they the same thing when first trying chicken or is it just common sense?


Does bathing in mud count?


What if I get injured in the shower and the paramedics have to see me naked?

What if the world ended right now?

What does heaven look like? Or is there even a heaven.


How come it’s so wrong to kill dogs but no one cares for cows and pigs?


Patrick: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…


What if showers didnt exist


If i cut off my foot and swung it at you, would i be kicking or hitting you?


If I had hands instead of feet would it be called a handstand?


What if we still lived in the 14th century? Would people still kill me because of my disorders?


I’m asian and they automatically assume I do kung fu.

Hmm… I do marshal arts and my dad is a grand master but still, people are still stereo typing.

And why do they always ask how far I can throw a knife or break wooden boards?

I’m learning self defence, what kind of training do they think I do? We’re not secret agent assassin ninjas of the koga clan, training in a secret dojo in the mountains, learning how to survive, live in the wilderness, hunting animals and learn hundreds of deadly weapons including our fists, learning some code of the warrior having to endure extremely harsh training and surviving missions as part of initiations. Ay na ko!!


i read yoga lol


What about girl/guy problems like
‘Omg, I can’t believe how well everything went yesterday! I need to look and smell good in case I see them again today. Maybe this time i can ask them out to lunch. And then we’ll date, become engaged and get married!!! kya!!’ :thinking::slightly_smiling_face::laughing::joy:

When you’re thinking about a person you really, really liked/fell-in-love-with on the first day you met them.


My shower thought based on that:
Has anyone ever gone love sick the first day they met me?
Crickets chirping


Yes, I got flustered when you first spoke to me. :slightly_smiling_face::wink::blush::joy:


I’m still forever alone because I don’t know who you are ;-;


Cheer up dude. If you are not too much of an introvert, then you’ll find someone lol.


Yeah Maybe if people didn’t think I was the spawn of Satan and I’m going to murder them in their sleep
and yes, people do think this


Arent shower thoughts weird, random thoughts in the shower? I dont think they are just anything you think of while in the shower, its more specific than that.