Share YOUR shower thoughts here!


But not all shower thought are weird. You might of something that happened before or what you are going to do later. And there are those that pop into your head like

Did you know that your future self will undoubtedly talk about you?


Another one of my shower thoughts is:
What would have happened if I stayed in foster care as a child and was never reunited with my biological parents…?

Bad things the demons whispered


I think of electronic circuitry in the shower ;-;



I’m about to take a hot shower right now. I’ll you guys what I thought of after I’m dry and dressed for bed.


I’m back

I was thinking about manga and WEBTOON and how it had been like reading them in English and, for the first time, how I read a manga in another language!! Tagalog (main language of the Philippines)


You read Webtoon?!
What is your favorite Webcomic??? Mine is BlueChair and a thousand others lol



My first one is called ‘The Gamer’. Only learned later on that it’s a webtoon, though I knew almost immediately it was Korean to English based.

The next one is ‘I Love Yoo’ but The series is short and I don’t think it’s finnished yet.

I will check your choices later lol


:open_mouth: I LOVE YOO!!! The Webcomic I read that one EVERY week!!
And I read The Gamer! The Webcomic had like 222 episodes though so I kinda got side tracked with Eggnoid, BlueChair, I Love Yoo, My Dear Cold-Blooded king, Boyfriend of the Dead, My Giant Nerd Boyfriend, Fluffy Boyfriend, Always Human (It ended, but I still read it over and over again), Winter Woods (Also ended, tend to skip Chapter 65-ish for reasons unknown), unTouchable (The reason I started reading Webtoon was for a ad of this Webcomic), unOrdinary (I ship Seraphina and John :tongue:) Super Secret (RYANNNNNN), Saphie: the one-eyed cat (Too cute), LUMINE (I love werewolfes so much), Let’s Play, Adventures of God (Really funny, But don’t read it if you are Christian because some people get offended by it still funny), aaand Siren’s Lament (Fish Bait :fish:)


Only started reading ‘I Love Yoo’ because of an advertisement done by a diy youtuber called ‘Wengie’ on a video doing lazy life hacks made by kids!


Yeah I’m overloading with updates every weekend because of all my subscriptions.
I really like romance… Im not girlish at all, no sirrie


I don’t have a problem with romance, but I like fantasy, yet given I like Korean series, I can’t help imagine the webtoon characters play out with real people. Like imagine a girl acting this way in real life! Or imagine her actually eating that fast. Or how will a model looking mother, of that guy, look like in real life?

Gah, going to try one of your choices after I log off. Aigoo!