Sharing an amazing server with the world!


I’m no longer sharing it


The globe shows each land and the cities


It’s because you have a new account. Just post a few times in some other topics and it will let you once you earn “basic user” or whatever it is.

(It just doesn’t let you at first to help prevent spam and stuff.)


Oh okie, thanks!


Wow! Those are some amazing servers!


Very interesting concept, I’ll try to join soon, hopefully today.

May I ask, who is the technical owner — the one that created the servers?


I searched for these servers but its not showing up can u send the links?


Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Please note the rules are one world per thread, and one thread per world. All world threads should be created by their owner of record, and the first post should contain the rules, theme, play style, etc. of the world, to inform potential joiners.



They’re on the tumblr I mentioned, I can’t post links here


Welcome! Have a great time here!
Although you are new, you probably would need to do that since your friends might want to advertise their own servers one day, and that if you keep 3 servers in one thread, it becomes disorganized and confusing about who’s talking about what. (You can keep your server in the thread, then delete the others :slight_smile:)
Here’s a link if you wanna introduce yourself


You just made history!
4 consecutive posts is a great deal.


Sorry I was trying to reply to everyone


If you want to reply to everyone, simply do an @ and their name. For example:

Blah blah blah… this is a reply.

@TheBestOneEver this is another reply!

Doing this just clears up clutter on the forum, and it notifies them as well.


oh okie @TheBest1Ever


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