Shark riding?

I saw this in the 1.7 update post and I’m dying to know how to do it?

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Well, you’re going to need a tamed shark. :shark:

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How do you craft dodo on a stick???
Someone send me a screenshot of this madness

Feed a shark with fish meat until it’s tamed. Once it has a name and all, you can ride it.
That quote is from an old thread before 1.7 (as a suggestion).
Dodo on a stick doesn’t exist.


the only ‘shark’ i want to ride…

I legit thought this was gonna be non community appropriate lmao

ha-ha, no only pointed out as ‘shark’ because that’s not a shark

it’s one third pig, one third dragon, one third shark

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If you needed shelter from rain while riding it you can enter the nostril

Another Terraria fan? :smiley:

yes, indeed, and this mutant beast will always be in my nightmares

You’re not alone! :lol: