Can anyone tell me how big a aquarium sharks can grow.

in my old world, I hat a shark pit 50 blocks deep, and 30 blocks wide. It spawned and grew sharks very well. just make sure to have fish and kelp in it as well.

Surprisingly, they get bigger than Glados’ larger shark. His looks about four blocks long while I have seen some about 5 and a half blocks long in my aquarium. Only once though, it’s very rare for them to get that big.

I only seen sharks about 4-5 block long

i got alot of shark by this size .

How did you get that many sharks.

I saw a shark that was 6 blocks long…

It doesn’t matter how big the tank is I had a shark farm storing them in 3X1 cages with 1 kelp and 2 fish they would grow larger than the tank have a little seizure and die dropping their stuff

When sharks despawn rather than be killed, they don’t drop anything…

Like Neo said, they shouldn’t drop anything if they simply disappear.

It should be as big as a lake right next to the mountain ranges. It could also be an ocean with plenty of kelp and fish and tropical climate.