Shoos early game

Me and a couple of friends decided to get back on the game again on a server. Sadly the shops/benches are pretty much the very last thing you unlock and so i wonder wether there’s any way to spawn them in.
I do t think they exist in the spawn items list either :frowning:
Any help is appreciated!

Are you playing creative? If you’re the owner, you can set the spawn in items to be materials you need to craft/upgrade benches.

Are they not listed as clothing? I haven’t checked in a while now.

Please tell me the Server name i can help something!

Are you sure that would work? I’m pretty sure you need max lvl workbench to craft the shop…

For a shop? It’s a level 3 work bench. For the workbench you need:

1 dirt to craft a workbench
5 stone to upgrade to level 2
5 bronze to upgrade to level 3
1 wood + 1 gold coin to craft the shop

You can set all those as spawn in items

Oh I guess it is different in expert mode
Screenshot_20211029-100515_The Blockheads|1024x498