Shop glitch when selling


This has happened a couple times on more then one server where I would be selling something in a shop and the person would buy all of that item and when I go to collect the money all of that item would still be in the shop. For example I sell compost and all of it sold so I went to refill it but the compost was still there along with the money from selling all of it. But it doesn’t happen all the time.


Interesting. I never use shops, so these issues pass me by!

Can you please tell me whether you’re playing on an Android or an IOS device, and if you have both platforms if it happens on both? Also, if iOS can you please tell me which device and iOS version. Weirdly, that can be a factor for some stuff.


This happened to me also. It’s either lag on a server or whatever reason there is.



Ios 10.3.3


Did the person get the items?

There’s a shop on rabbit hole selling unicorns, and it will take the money but not give the unicorns.


I think high stacks of pets in shops may be a problem. It might just be too much data in one place not to be laggy. Try only putting a few pets at a time into the shop. I know this will require more frequent stocking, but it is better than not being able to use the shop.


This has happened to some of my ores too.


It happened once with 7 tulip bulbs


Happened to me, but i just bought pizza with it on a random server.

iOS 12.1.1 - iPad air (First generation)