Shoptastic! (Mac server)

Welcome to shoptastic!!


  1. No hacking or duping (ban immediately)
  2. No cussing (the Lord’s name in vain IS cussing so 5 warnings at most)
  3. No dating (ban immediately if inappropriate, if not 3 warnings)
  4. No asking for admin or mod we have no admins and a form for mod (5 warnings)
  5. No killing in spawn (3 warnings it’s annoying)
  6. No advertising put it on the board (5 warnings)
  7. Don’t be a jerk (3 warnings)
  8. No personal trade portals (it gets taken you get 5 warnings and killed each time)
  9. No alts (ban no device your alt is banned 5 warnings)
  10. No safes or cabnets (5 warnings and they get taken away)

All for now this server is economic survival so you have to sell stuff and survive one protected plot for a shop


Here’s the links!

it’s a Mac server hosted by @Wingysam


Nice!! I will join as soon as I can!

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It’s open one more thing it’s harder to survive and it’s kinda dark like really dark outside so yea at least there’s no hills so no bumps to trip over since it’s dark

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Yes it is