Should I make a new server?

I have saved up 1025time-crstals so should i make a server and if i do will you guys and gals join? the server is called (apple land)! by Blockheads TNT!

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yes you should

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I would join!

ps could I be admin :smiley:

maybe if your good

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i wanne get like 5 ppl to say yes to make the server

I whould like to visit your server, So yes.

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Take care, next update you need to pay real money to add credit

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im going to make the server
it called \

Yes make it I also help you


You can read more about that here A change to server credit in 1.7

I would say yes though
Will you be able to pay an in app purchase once 1.7 comes out

if you can keep it going in 1.7 yes you should