Should there be a version of The Blockheads on like Wii or Xbox?


I have a Xbox and a wii U so i was thinking why not have people playing The Blockheads on other device. Like Xbox,Wii U/wii,3DS/DSi/DS, i dont know if theres an android one, PSPs?

      I think playing the blockheads on my giant Tv will be funner (not a wordbut u get the idea) than playing it on an small IOS device.


Flying donkey!

Go donkeys!


I don’t think Dave will ever make the blockheads for consoles. It is supposed to be a small, mobile game, not a massive console game.
If you really want to play the blockheads on a TV, get an Apple TV.
Alternatively, you could play it on a PC with Reflector for Windows and Mac. There is a free trial available.
Check out Reflector here.


Nah. It just isn’t meant to be a console game. It has a very nice pick-up-and-play feel.


I recommend using an iPad. I don’t know how people function with an iPod.


You think you can make Wii/Wii U/N3DS/NDS versions when you have to deal with glitches and updates on iPad/iPod/iPhone not to mention forums and all of the real world problems, deals, challenges and whatnot? OK.