Show your garden,dodo,yak,farm,and donkey breeding buildings


Guys send me picture of youre food farms,dodo farms, yak farms, fur and leather farm,fish farm, and donkey breeding farm.i really need some examples cuz i am noob at building a great farms.


Ok, here you go!


Use gates for farms too so your pets not getting far away from your farm or home :wink:


Mine are not complete but have a look at them i just gonna add some animals and make it cool soon lol

These gonna give me some great results soon


Donkey farm & shop. :lol: It’s not finished yet, I might post more pictures later on.


My donkey colour collection

And I’m selling it also. If anyone wants pm me




Nice design for your farm!


Thank you!


I’ll show you mine when I finish it



Don’t know how I got the Unicorn though…only have the colors in the stable right now.

I’m also making a challenge based off dodo eggs xD


Do tell! I’m curious.


Surprised I haven’t seen any rail farms. They’re a real fast way to collect foods that have fallen from trees.


I’m just sad here, I haven’t had time to play the update because of school stuff… I really want a unicorn… ㅠ.ㅠ


I killed my first unicorn
Nice essence for me :smiling_imp:




A dodo farm, I collect the food when they die of age


Look on my works,ye mighty. And despair.


HOW?!?!?! :open_mouth: