Show your garden,dodo,yak,farm,and donkey breeding buildings


Does that say… Geminidazzle?


More like majic. :wink:


Dodo/Donkey pen
Apple farm
Scorpion pen :wink:


Mine dodo eggs collection

Edit: I have golden egg also


This is my first atttempt. I’m building a much bigger one that allows all colors at once this was just to get to unicorns


This is my donkey breeding farm and I’m very proud lol

Ps I also have an emergency storage with at least 1 of each donkey color so the stables aren’t too full and so if I lose progress I have those :slightly_smiling_face:


Everyone has such high tech and amazing farms while mine is just


Gees, these are all so terrific!! Was gonna post mine but not after all those
Heart job guys! .


My donkey farm was originally a small pasture and a storage dirt hut for any donkeys I wasn’t breeding…
Amazing how far a storage of titanium blocks can go


My dodo collection. Every dodo variation was collected both in live specimen and eggs.


Wow nice are you selling ruby eggs


Meh. I’m too busy to restock,and I’ve already given most of these to Asyc as a gift. Sorry.


Not the best farm out there but it works fine!


This is my dodo farm. So far I’ve got six different dodos and plan on getting the rest.


I can’t get past the copper and gravel dodos.


Here’s my new unicorn stables


Don’t you want to unlock the undiscovered in egg extractor? Who here finished doing that?


I checked it out in a custom world to see what it was like, but haven’t officially built one. Definitely intend to though! Have you @Blocknuggets?


Hurrah! Finally finally finally :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:
I completed my all dodo eggs :egg: collection and
Donkey and
Unicorn all colour all :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Awesome!! How long did it take to get platinum and rainbow?