Show your garden,dodo,yak,farm,and donkey breeding buildings


I’m working since the update is out :sweat::sweat: too hard


Well at least you did it! I’m was beginning to think they were fake!


I just recently redid my dodo farm, so there no dodos in it. I also demolished my donkey and yak farms, to move my yaks indoors, (still need to redo my donkey farm). I haven’t completed an official unicorn farm yet, I was planning on building it underground but scrapped that idea. I’ve been trying to tame a drop bear but they keep on dying before I get to feed them a third time. When it comes to scorpions… I haven’t even started!
Unicorns have easy access to outside if I need to travel on em, yaks have their own little room.

Empty Dodo Farm


I’ll see if I have a picture of my house/farm on Ailes, I’m actually really proud of it.


this is my attempt at creating a dodo farm. this is in expert mode so i cant just meditate to quickly get those darn dodos to lay the eggs, but i finally got titanium, fuel, and diamond dodos. all thats left are rainbow and platinum dodos.


Why are you so good at everything :joy:



Here’s a few pics of one of my underground gardens and farms, as promised. I do my best to work with the natural theme/ambiance of the caves and tunnels, augmenting when needed of course. :slight_smile:


Thanks @StormRhyder for sharing your naturalistic garden and farm setup. I especially like the way you have incorporated the natural elements within the cave :heart:


I’m redoing my unicorn farm. This is almost the finished set up. Still making small adjustments.

then theres my storage and cant forget my minionz! Wish they could breed!


Not quite complete :confounded::sweat_smile:


This is my literal SP farm.
Probably the best building in the whole post, if not all the game.


That’s better than me. (Because I don’t even have the blockheads app on my phone anymore, but no one needs to know that.) How did you manage to create that? It looks otherworldly, truly extraterrestrial!


I hacked minecraft commands into the blockheads so I used the /setblock command and placed blocks one by one.


ouch. My unicorn farm was on a world that ran out of credit recently


I borrowed your design and it worked wonders! Thanks! :grin: