Sickness Wishlist

When you warp in your first blockhead, it starts off 4 blockyears old. If you already have a blockhead, any you warp in will start off 0 blockyears old. Before a blockhead reaches 4 blockyears, other blockheads have to carry them, because they can’t move on their own. When a blockhead dies, it regenerates at the same age it died. Blockheads are weaker, slower, and have less max health and max hunger when they’re children or elderly. When a blockhead reaches 75 blockyears old, it dies of old age, leaving behind a corpse with all of its loot, which eventually rots into a skeleton. A blockhead that died of old age can’t be regenerated, however, it’ll allow you to warp in another one without time crystals. You can eat foods like fish, blueberries, and kale to slow aging, but there’s no way to stop aging, besides disabling it in custom rules. Custom rules also allows you to speed up aging, slow down aging, or even make blockheads live out their whole lives in one day! Children look like normal blockheads but with smaller bodies and slightly bigger head in proportion to their body. A blockheads that’s 4 blockyears old is 1/3 the size on a grown-up. Babies don’t have hair, and they’re wrapped in a blanket instead of normal clothes. Elderly blockheads have faded hair, and they’re slightly bent over. A blockyear is the time it takes for all of the seasons to pass once.

When you eat raw meat, you have a 100% chance of getting bacteria. Bacteria causes you to be a lot hungrier, and it damages you. Cooking meat prevents you from getting bacteria. But when you eat fruit, you have a chance of getting bacteria. To avoid this, you have to pasteurize the fruit using a campfire, or a electric oven. You’ll get a really bad case of bacteria when you pick the Sunset Skirt of Happiness off of the pole.

If your character is cold for a while, they’ll get the virus. This happens faster if your character is in the rain and/or in the freezing. The virus damages you and makes you colder. Being warm cures you faster. You get a really bad case of the virus when you pick the South Pole Boots of Speed off of the pole. Swimming around causes you to get a really bad virus infection really quickly.

If your character walks barefoot for a distance, they’ll get warts. A easy way to cure this is to craft linen sandals. They cost 1 stick and 1 flax. They don’t speed you up, but wearing them prevents you from getting warts. Characters start off wearing linen sandals. Warts damages you and slows you down. Another thing is, your clothes will get dirty. You have to wash the clothes using a laundry bin, which requires 1 water bucket and 1 wood, and is made at the workbench. Washing 1 clothes requires 1 water bucket. If you wear dirty clothes a lot, you get warts a lot faster. You can sterilize blocks using cleaning spray, which requires 1 water bucket, 2 yeast, and 1 fruit. Sterilized blocks won’t give you warts when you walk on them. Picking up the North Pole Hat of Warmth off its pole gives you a very bad case of warts.

Migraines do less damage than the other sicknesses, but they lower your max happiness to 50%. You get migraines if you don’t sleep enough. When you have migraine, it gets cured faster by sleeping. When you pick up the Sunrise Hat of Fullness off the pole, you get a really bad case of migraine.

parasites deals bad damage to your character. You have a chance of catching it when you get attacked by any animal, besides the cave troll. If you get attacked by a player with parasites, you will get parasites, making this a potential weapon. Dropbears have the highest chance of transmitting it.

Sea sickness doesn’t damage your character, but it lowers their happiness. This also comes with another feature: happiness determines how fast your character sails. But if you eat limes, it lowers your sea sickness. If you use a press, you can make lime juice, which costs 3 limes, and doesn’t increase your hunger as much as one lime does, but it completely rids you of sea sickness.


That literally sounds like minecraft+sims 4.
The concept sounds nice and I think that should be a custom worlds option.
I kinda like the fact that my blockhead is basically immortal.


This is a good idea as long as you have an option to disable it. You should also be able to turn aging off in survival worlds, just you can’t change that once you create the world. Otherwise, I love it!


I think you should only be able to turn it off in custom worlds. Survival worlds provide a vanilla experience.

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Seems like a good well thought out idea

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Why does picking up pole items cause you to get a sickness?

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Because that is a viral vector. You can contract infection by handling something with shed on it, then touching your own face.


No, it’s the “curse of the poles.” The poles don’t want you to take their possession. This is to make sure that only people who are ready can take pole items.

Oh, you know me. I’m all about science. I’m terrible at magic! :slight_smile:


Ah, ok. I was a bit confused because there didn’t seem to be much of a correlation between sickness and pole item.

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Great idea. Removing the warts will require two blockheads. When you have warts, your blockhead has the option to lay in bed without sleeping, in order to reduce the damage. Another blockhead could craft 1 scalpel out of 1 steel bar, and it gives them the option to remove the wart. Removing the wart does some damages, When the scalpel is used, it turns into a dirty scalpel, which has no use. And like you said, the wart has a chance of returning.

Making coffee a cure for migraine is also a great idea.

That makes sense. It would balance out the overpowered scalpel.

Thanks, but the virus is the cold.

When you’re infected with the virus, it would make sense that you’d have a much higher chance of getting other sicknesses.